Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Emma's Diary Bump to Baby Pack

Here's my second Emma's Diary Pack, it's the Bump to Baby Pack and I was really pleased with what was in it.

The Bump to Baby Pack is available to collect from Argos from 27 weeks in to your pregnancy onwards using the coupon from your Emma's Diary magazine which you should have received in your first Bounty Pack (your midwife should have given you this at your first appointment). Don't worry if you don't have the coupon because you can also download it from the Emma's Diary website, click here.

The first item in the bag was a sample pack of 4 Mamia size 1 nappies, Mamia is Aldi's own brand of nappies and they've won several awards including the LBP (Loved By Parents) Award for Best Disposable Nappy, I already use this brand for my son who is now in size 5's, I love them and can't recommend them enough so I was pretty chuffed to receive these and at £1.69 for a 24 pack they don't break the bank either.

I also got a sample 24 pack of Mamia Sensitive Baby Wipes which again I already use on my son, these wipes have also won numerous awards including a Mother & Baby Gold Award and an LBP Award for Best Baby Wipes.  I love these wipes because they're nice and thick, great quality, the normal size packs have a plastic clip shut top to stop your wipes from drying out and at 79p a pack for 80 wipes they're a bargain! Remember though that it's not advised to use baby wipes on newborns until they're at least 6 weeks old as their skin can be very sensitive.

Aswell as getting the Mamia nappy and wipe samples I also got some vouchers to use in Aldi for 50% off Mamia Size 1 nappies and Mamia wipes which I think is a great offer and I'll definitely be stocking up.

The next sample I got was a pair of Lansinoh Disposable Breast Pads, I'm a big fan of the Lansinoh HPA Lanolin Nipple Cream and I used this religiously when I was breast feeding my son after every feed whether my nipples were sore or not as the trick is to not let them get sore in the first place rather than wait until they're really sore and then start using nipple cream. I'm not sure whether I'd buy the Lansinoh Breast Pads as they're quite expensive at £5.61 for 60, I used Tesco's own brand breast pads when I breast fed my son, they worked just fine and only cost £3.00 for 80 pads. The sample pack is great to pack in your hospital bag though.

Next up I got a sample of Vanish Sensitive Stain Remover Gel, after I had my son I realised what a life saver Vanish was! While Riley was breast feeding his poo was the colour and consistancy of curry (sorry if that's too much info) and if it leaked out of the sides of his nappy, which it did on numerous occasions it would stain his vests and sleepsuits to the point where you just had to throw them away but I found that Vanish worked really well at getting the stains out, I normally use the Vanish in the bar form, like a bar of soap so I'm interested to try the gel to see if it works as well.

Another sample that was included in the pack and another product that I already use and love is a tiny sample of Bio-Oil, I used this from 3 months onwards during both of my pregnancies and I haven't got a single stretch mark, whether this is down to the Bio-Oil or just my genes as my Mum never got any stretch marks either, I don't know but I'll continue to use it until I have my baby just incase.

The one sample that I won't be using from the pack is the sample of Palmer's Cocoa Butter Firming Lotion, not because I don't like this product because I do and I used it during my previous pregnancy but during my second pregnancy I had to stop using it pretty early on as the scent of it made my morning sickness ten times worse, even though my sickness has passed now the scent of Palmer's Cocoa Butter still makes me feel sick and sadly I don't think I'll ever be able to use any of their products again. However I do think these two little sachets would be ideal to pack in your hospital bag if you like Palmer's Cocoa Butter and you're not a weirdo like me lol.

As well as all these great samples I also got some leaflets on other baby related products and services and a Vertbaudet Baby Catalogue which has some really lovely clothing and homeware items for babies, it's a little pricey but they periodically give away some really nice free gifts when you place an order which I sometimes take advantage of.

So there you have it, that's everything I got in my Emma's Diary Bump To Baby Pack and as I said before I'm really pleased with the samples that were inside.

Tomorrow's post will be the third and final Emma's Diary Pack, the Family Pack.


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