Monday, 8 July 2013

Emma's Diary Mum to Be Pack

Incase you weren't aware of the free Emma's Diary Packs that you can get during pregnancy I thought it would be a good idea to do a post about them, there are three in total and the first one is the Mum To Be Pack which you can collect in early pregnancy with a voucher that you receive at your first midwife appointment or you can print the voucher from the Emma's Diary Website.

You can collect your free pack from either Boots or Argos and it's filled with lots of fab freebies and vouchers to help kit you out for when your precious little baby comes along.

Here's what I got in my pack.

The first item in the bag was a sample pack of 4 Mamia size 1 nappies, Mamia is Aldi's own brand of nappies and they've won several awards including the LBP (Loved By Parents) Award for Best Disposable Nappy, I already use this brand for my son who is now in size 5's, I love them and can't recommend them enough so I was pretty chuffed to receive these and at £1.69 for a 24 pack they don't break the bank either.

The next item is this fab newborn essentials pack by Johnson's Baby, it contains a pack of Johnson's Extra Sensitive baby wipes, a 100ml bottle of Johnson's Baby Oil, a tube of Johnson's Baby Nappy Cream and a 50ml bottle of Johnson's Baby Top to Toe Bath. All great items to have in preparation for your new baby.

If you read my last Emma's Diary Post then you'll know that due to my morning sickness early on in my pregnancy with Summer I could no longer use Palmer's Cocoa Butter because the scent made me feel really sick and even though I had my daughter in March the scent still to this day makes me feel nauseous so unfortunately I won't be using this item but I do think it's a fab addition to the pack if you like the scent, which most people do. 

The next items are vouchers for the Emma's Diary Mum To Be Pack to give to all of your pregnant friends.

And last but not least Aswell as getting the Mamia nappy samples I also got some vouchers to use in Aldi for 50% off Mamia Size 1 nappies and Mamia wipes which is a great offer especially considering how cheap they are in the first place.

So there you have it, that's everything that I got in my Emma's Diary Mum To Be Pack and I'm really pleased with it, it's definitely worth picking one up and remember it's free!

Tomorrow's post will be what I got in my second Emma's Diary Pack, the Bump to Baby Pack.



  1. These are such cute little sets, shame I'm not pregnant! :P

  2. Loved The Johnsons mini's. I've stored these all away for when baby is here to put into changing bag


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