Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Make Potty Training Less Messy With Dry Like Me

My son Riley turns 3 in August and starts pre-school in September so as much as I've been putting off potty training the time has come to tackle it. 

We decided to start at the weekend and I must admit the main thing that has been putting me off doing it is the mess aspect, I just don't want my sofa, rugs and carpets covered in wee and poo. Luckily for me I was recently contacted by a company called Dry Like Me who offered me a solution to this problem.

Dry Like Me make potty training pads that you stick in to your childs own pants to catch the mess but still leave them with the feeling that they are wet which helps them to understand the signs that they need to go to the toilet.

They have three different pads for the different stages of potty training.

Early Days for the first few days of potty training when you need extra absorbency for the more frequent accidents.

The Original Dry Like Me training pads for when you're making progress with potty training but you still need something to catch the occasional accident.

And the Night Time training pads for when you feel like your child is ready to no longer wear a nappy at night, which can sometimes come a while after they become dry during the day.

They come with a handy carry pouch that can be used to hold pads, nappy sacks and wipes while you're out and about. The training pads can be stuck in the front of the pants, the back of the pants or both if you feel like your child needs it. I chose to just put them in the front as I knew the majority of Riley's accidents would be weeing and I was really impressed by how well they worked.

Riley didn't seem to notice that the pad was there and he had no problem pulling his pants up and down while he was wearing them, he was still aware that he had done a wee but I didn't get the mess everywhere and after a couple of days he was telling me the majority of the time when he needed the toilet so we could get there before he had an accident.

I was also sent this fab reward chart and stickers so that Riley can put a sunshine sticker on the map every time he goes to the toilet, he loves reward charts and I think they work really well for things like potty training.

I'd definitely recommend trying Dry Like Me if you're potty training your little one, they're available to buy from Sainsbury's, Asda, Wilkinson, Morrisons, Superdrug, Tesco, Ocado and Amazon.

I'll be posting more on potty training and how Riley is getting on with it soon.

Is anyone else potty training their little one at the moment? Have you got any tips for me?

Let me know!



  1. The only advice I can give is that they do it when they are ready. Middle man has taught me that!

    1. I definitely think he's ready, thanks Louise :) xx

  2. These sounds like a really good idea!
    Good luck Riley! Bless him

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks

  3. these seem like a great idea will definitely try them


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