Monday, 26 August 2013

Dry, Rough Hands? Here's How To Make Them Silky Soft

As a mum I seem to spend half of my life washing my hands, washing bottles or cleaning everything in sight with bleach in an attempt to keep the house germ free which means everything is nice and clean but my poor hands are dry, sore and look like the hands of an old lady.

After deciding something had to be done about my poor hands I came up with a routine that seems to be working really well at keeping my hands soft and silky, here's what I do.

When I wash my hands I always use Dettol with E45 hand wash as the Dettol kills 99.9% of bacteria and the E45 protects your hands natural moisture levels leaving them feeling super clean and super soft.

You can buy Dettol with E45 from Boots and most supermarkets.

When I'm washing Summer's bottles I always use rubber gloves and my favourites at the moment are these really girly Bizzy Bee Elegance Gloves, they're pink and have really cute heart details on the palms. It makes a massive difference to your hands and nails to wear gloves when washing bottles or doing cleaning in general so I wear the slightly more sturdy Bizzy Bee Patterned Gloves for general cleaning jobs inside or outside, I love the pink polka dot design. 

If your hands need an extra boost of moisture you can even get these Bizzy Bee Moisturising Gloves, they're multi-purpose gloves with built in moisturiser, amazing!

You can buy Bizzy Bee gloves from Asda or from the Bizzy Bee website.

My last tip for super soft hands is to always use a good hand cream every time your hands get wet, my current favourite is the Joules Hard Working Hands hand cream, it smells amazing and leaves my hands so silky and smooth, I love it!

So there you have it my top tips for baby soft hands, I hope this post was helpful!

Let me know if you have any tips for me!



  1. some lovely ideas here my lovely, Like hayley said those clothes are lush. I had some once with fluff at the top eat your heart out kim woodburn hahaha

  2. Loving your gloves! I need to get some more - I'll be really good at wearing them for ages then when they get a hole in I forget to replace them lol

  3. My hands could do with some TLC! And those gloves are gorgeous! xxx

  4. Thank you for the tips, I never think to where gloves, but these gloves are much cuter than the old yellow ones. Definitely going to get some my next trip to the store!

  5. Definitely need this tip! Amazing gloves (:


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