Friday, 6 September 2013

I Love Autumn!

As we're in September now Autumn is well and truly on it's way and I have to say I'm really looking forward to it. I don't like to be cold but I do like to sit snuggled up on the sofa with a blanket while it's cold and raining outside and it means I can get my massive scarf collection out, I love wearing scarves!

I think Autumn is such a pretty season, I love it when the leaves turn those gorgeous shades of red and gold, on a sunny Autumn day there is nothing more beautiful than the leaves lit up by the sun.

I love going for walks on Wollaton Park and seeing the deer wandering around and also the cute little squirrels and hedgehogs which are so adorable.

Things I'm looking forward to in Autumn are taking the kids to the fair that comes to our town every year, Riley loves the little rides and the lights and loud music and I'm sure Summer will like to look at the lights too this year.

Halloween is a big favourite in our house as Riley loves anything scary, so we're all really looking forward to that. We decorate the house and carve pumpkins and this year we're having a Halloween party for the children which should be lots of fun.

And we love Bonfire Night, there's a really good display every year just round the corner from us, they have a massive bonfire, lots of fireworks and yummy hot dogs and burgers. Riley loved it last year so we'll definitely go again this year.

What do you look forward to in Autumn?



  1. Reading this post has got me all excited for autumn! I love walking through the crunchy leaves collecting conkers.

  2. What I love most about autumn is that the weather is usually just perfect! not too hot or cold! And the leaves are so pretty this time of year (:

  3. I love Autumn weather and cracking open new candles- can't get enough Bath and Body Works Pumpkin scents in my opinion!

    New follower from the 'I Love my Post' hop! Looking forward to reading.

  4. Autumn is by far my favourite! I'm all excited :)


  5. Oh you sound like me! I LOVE Autumn! Halloween is my favourite so I`m SO excited at finally having a child to dress up lol. I love bonfire night, I love the little carnival in Exmouth in nearly October - I just love it all! :)

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks - UK Based parenting blog

  6. I enjoy your visual pictures and the clarity of the pictures. Just beautiful pictures of the deer and squirrels. I love autumn also.

  7. I love the pictures too. I love autumn the most too because it is the perfect time of year to spend time outside. I enjoy the bike rides and taking pictures of the fall scenery. We try to enjoy some fair activities too each year too. I love going to fall carnivals at our local churches too.

  8. I love Autumn too! Best season by far! Halloween and Bonfire night and the darker evenings, yes please! xx


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