Monday, 30 September 2013

Our Favourite Weaning Products

As Summer is now six months old we started weaning her a few weeks ago and there have been some products that we've been loving, so I thought I'd put them in a favourites post for you.

One of the first foods that we tried Summer with were these Ella's Kitchen Fruit Pouches, they're 100% organic fruit with nothing else added which I love and can be used from 4 months. Summer loves these especially the banana one, she eats them on their own or mixed with her porridge and because they're in a pouch they're really easy to carry around in your change bag.

Our next favourite is something that we've been using with the Ella's Kitchen Fruit Pouches and that is these brilliant Click Lock Food Pouch Spoon Tips by Munchkin, I think these are a brilliant idea and work so well, they're perfect for when you're out and about as you don't need to take a bowl with you, you just twist them on to you pouch and squeeze the required amount on to the spoon and feed your baby and when you're finished you can lock it so that no food squeezes out in your bag and pop the cap over the spoon to keep it clean. These are a must for us when we go out and I have recommended them to all our friends with babies.

The next weaning product we've been loving is also by Munchkin and it's the Stay-Put Suction Bowls, we use these whenever we're feeding Summer at home and they're great for popping on her high chair tray as they really do stay put. When I put them on her high chair tray I tend to pop finger food in them so that she can help herself without throwing the entire bowl on the floor. I really like the bright colours of the bowls and the fact that they come with lids is really useful for storing food in the fridge.

This next item has actually been more useful to Riley but I thought I'd include it in this post as it's definitely a favourite and it's the Doidy Cup. Riley has been really struggling to learn how to drink properly from a cup without spilling it all over himself and the Doidy Cup has really helped, the unique slant of the cup enables Riley to drink easily and also see the contents of the cup without tipping it so much that it spills. It comes in a range of cute colours and I love the pink glitter one that I have for Summer, she'll definitely be using this when she gets a bit older.

The spoons that we've been loving are all by Tommee Tippee, Summer loves the First Weaning Spoons as they're made from super soft silicone which she loves to bite, I love the Heat Sensing Spoons as they let me know when Summer's food is too hot by going from red to yellow and we both love the Aeroplane Spoons because they make feeding time so much fun and Summer loves it if I make aeroplane noises and pretend the food is flying in to her mouth.

Finally on our favourites list is the Baby Cup, this little cup is perfectly proportioned for small hands and encourages toddlers to drink from a cup at a young age. You get 4 Baby Cups in a pack and they are non toxic, BPA free, phthalates free and dishwasher and steam steriliser safe. They can also be used to cup feed newborns and premature babies and have measurement markings in ml's on the outside. I've been putting a little drop of cooled boiled water in the cup and giving it to Summer and she's getting quite good at putting the cup to her mouth and drinking it so fingers crossed I won't be having the same problems with Summer drinking from cups as I've had with Riley.

So there you have it, all our favourite weaning products so far. If you're weaning your baby at the moment or you're going to be weaning them soon keep your eyes peeled on my blog over the next week as I have a fab weaning giveaway coming soon!


Some of these products were sent to me for review but all thoughts and opinions are 100% honest and my own.


  1. Oh look at her little face <3 Those spoons are fab! I'm thinking about getting a doidy cup for Noah xx

    Quite Frankly She Said - UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. Thank you for including Babycup in your list of favourite weaning products. So glad you like our cute little cups! Summer is adorable and it's great that you're getting her to learn how to sip her drinks from early on. Healthy way to drink. Super sipping :-) Sara,


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