Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Riley's New Favourite Toy

One of Riley's favourite things to do is draw but he has an annoying habit of doing a tiny scribble on a piece of paper and then wants a new piece to draw on which means we get through paper like there's no tomorrow in our house but we recently discovered a new product which is going to save us a fortune in paper, the Appen.

The Appen is a pen with pressure sensitivity designed to be used with iPads and tablets, it plugs in to your devices headphone jack and works without batteries. The harder your child presses down on the Appen the thicker the line it draws, it's designed especially to be used by young children and is incredibly durable.

To use it you just plug it in to your iPad or tablet and download the free App from the App Store or Google Play. You then create your account based on your childs age either below 5 or above 5, I like this feature as it means you can tailor the games to your childs abilities. 

Your child can then use colours, pencils, crayons and the animated stickers to create pictures. They can learn to write letters and to count and one of Riley's favourite games to play is the Scratch game where you have to scratch to reveal a picture and guess what it is before the time runs out.

Riley loves playing with the Appen and it works perfectly with our iPad, it's very sturdy as Riley is quite heavy handed with it and it's definitely going to be something that he can play with for a long time as the games are designed for children of all ages. The only thing Riley struggled with a bit was learning how to hold it for it to work properly but as soon as he got the hang of it he was well away and he plays on it all the time. So now he can draw to his hearts content and when he wants a fresh page to draw on he's got one with the tap of the screen.

The Appen is £14.99 and you can buy it from Argos, Smyths Toys and Amazon.


We were sent the Appen for purpose of review but all thoughts and opinions are 100% honest and my own.


  1. This looks really easy to grip!

  2. I'd never seen this before and I'm going to get one for my son for Christmas to encourage his holding of pens and crayons. He loves his iPad so I bet this would help. Thanks.

  3. I have read a few positive reviews - might pop it on the youngest daughter's Christmas list!

  4. Looks great fun and reasonably priced!

  5. I've got one of these on my sons Christmas list

  6. I think Stacey would have loved one of these when she was little. She's always got a pen in her hand ;)

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  7. Sounds good, and very reasonably priced too

  8. That's a fab idea, we too get through loads of paper, so maybe my kids should have one!


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