Monday, 28 October 2013

All Wrapped Up - Gift Ideas To Suit Everyone No Matter What Their Interests Are

One of the hardest parts of Christmas shopping is actually deciding what to buy for people and we all have at least one person if not more who are really difficult to buy for so this post will contain ten gift ideas that will hopefully help you out when buying for those awkward people.

For the Great British Bake Off Fan

If you know someone who was addicted to the Great British Bake Off then why not get them some of this gorgeous, vintage Tala bakeware. There's a whole range of items with prices starting at £5.49, I think they would make a lovely gift.
For the Gaming Geek

The perfect gift for a gamer would be an LED TV as they are better for playing games due to the high refresh rates.

For the goulish Goth

A great gift for someone who is interested in Gothic culture would be a trip to Whitby due to it's links to the Dracula story. They could visit Whitby Abbey, the Dracula experience and take a guided ghost walk of the town, there are some lovely Whitby holiday cottages to stay in and they're not too expensive either.

For your outdoor offspring

If your kids love to play outside then they'll need something to keep them warm this winter, these kid's snow boots are perfect as they'll keep their feet toasty in even they snowiest, coldest conditions.

For the beauty obsessed

If you have a friend or family member that is obsessed with makeup then this is a gift they would love, the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette is the beauty lovers favourite eyeshadow palette and would make a great gift for anyone interested in makeup.

For the dog lover

We all know someone who has a dog and loves them to bits so why not get them a dog related gift, Dogalogue sell lots of dog related gifts and every penny of profit that they make goes towards helping the Guide Dogs charity.

For the fitness fanatic

If it's a gift for a fitness fanatic you're after then the Insanity Workout DVD is supposed to be the ultimate workout, it crams a 45 min workout into just 20 mins making it the perfect gift for someone who loves to exercise but is short on time.

For the new mummy

Becoming a mummy is one of the most special occasions in a woman's life so why not celebrate it by getting her a special gift for Christmas, this personalised family names necklace is the perfect gift for that and is something that she can keep forever.

For the spicy food lover

This gift is something a bit different for the spicy food lover, how about giving them a box of Hot to Trot Chilli Chocolates, each box contains 8 white chocolate with chilli and ginger pig snouts and 8 dark chocolate with tequila, chilli and lime pig tails. I think it's a really unique gift and something a lover of chilli would think is great.

For the travel lover

A really unique gift for someone who loves to travel is this Personalised travel tag artwork, you can chose all of the place names and dates of the places that they have traveled to and I think it makes a really nice looking piece of art to hang on their wall.

So there you have it, my gift guide for those relatives or friends that are hard to buy for, I hope it's helped take some of the stress out of Christmas shopping for you.


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  1. What a great selection! I love inspiration as I hate to buy the same gifts every year! I'd love those wellies!

  2. I love the vintage baking things.

  3. Some amazing ideas. Love the new Mum necklace. x

  4. What a great post!!! You have gave me super inspiration for those awkward people! LOL! Thank you :) xx

  5. Made me so excited for christmas ;)

  6. oooooooh so many fab ideas, can't wait for christmas now :))))

  7. Fab Christmas present idea's! Thank you :)

  8. Fantastic selection &a good nos.ideas of goodies.I indeed like those.


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