Wednesday, 30 October 2013

My Current Favourite Products

Over on my beauty blog I post most months about my current favourite beauty products so I thought why not tell you about my current favourite mummy products.

The first of my favourites at the moment are the Spatone Liquid Iron Supplements, ever since I gave birth to Summer my iron levels have been low, I think they were probably low during my pregnancy but this was never checked as my midwife was rubbish, I've been feeling really tired, dizzy, headaches etc so I started taking the Spatone and it's really helped me to feel better. I like the apple flavour with vitamin C which helps your body to absorb the iron, it's just like having a little drink of apple juice and it contains 100% of your recommended iron and vitamin C for the day. I'd definitely recommend these to anyone who's iron levels have been low or even if you're feeling really tired and lethargic, they really help to give you back some energy. You can buy them from Boots, Waitrose, Tesco, Asda and Lloyds Pharmacy.

My next favourite is the Aqua Maris Baby Nasal Spray, Summer has been prone to having a blocked up nose since birth and trying to feed a bottle to a baby that can't breathe out of their nose is a nightmare so this product has been a godsend. It's made from isotonised seawater and is 100% natural, it helps to clear your baby's nose when they're bunged up whether it's down to allergies or a cold. We've used this a lot on Summer and it really has helped, you can buy the Aqua Maris Baby from Boots and it also comes in Junior for slightly older children.

Next on the list is Persil Small & Mighty Non Bio, when you have a new baby you obviously have to wash their clothes in non bio washing products as bio can irritate their skin so I usually end up using non bio for all our clothes so I don't have to wash Summer's separately. However I never feel like non bio gets things as clean so I was eager to try the Persil Small & Mighty with it's new stain eraser ball to see if it worked any better than the wash liquid I was previously using and I was really impressed. It got all of our washing super clean and smelly great and it got rid of all of the stains without irritating Summer's delicate skin. Persil Small & Mighty can be found in all leading supermarkets and if you have a baby I'd definitely recommend giving it a try.

Some items that I'm loving for the kids at the moment are a couple of things from OXO TOT, we love their On The Go Feeding Spoon for when we're out and about with Summer. It comes with a handy travel case which makes it really easy to pop in your change bag and keeps it nice and clean. It also has a silicone edge which is perfect for scraping food from bowls and jars. 
We also love the Twist Top Water Bottle for Riley as it's one of the only cups we've tried that actually doesn't leak and the twist top also keeps the straw clean when it's not being used, it's dish washer safe and Riley loves it. Both of these items are available to buy on Amazon.

Something that has come in really handy since I had Summer are these Salter MiBaby Baby and Toddler Scales, I've found it really difficult to have time to go to the clinic and have Summer weighed so it's been great having these scales at home. When you're finished using them as baby scales they turn in to toddler scales with a little handle for them to hold on to while you're weighing them which I think is brilliant and definitely makes life easier, they also come with PC software and a height chart to track your baby's growth and development, you can transfer your baby's data from the scales to your PC via USB. The scales measure in 10g increments for precise weight management and also comes with carpet feet for accurate weighing on carpets and uneven floors.

Another item we're loving for the kids at the moment are the Cussons Funky Fizz Bath Crackles, they're like popping candy for your bath with the added bonus of changing the bath water. As they hit the water they pop and bang, the kids thought they were great and they added an extra element of fun to bath time. 

Something I got recently that I absolutely love so I wanted to include it in my favourites post is this Melamine Set from OLPRO, if you've been reading my blog for a while then you'll know that we love caravan holidays, we've been away in the caravan twice this year and loved every minute of it. Melamine items are perfect for caravans or camping as they don't break easily, I really like the contemporary designs of the products from OLPRO and the fact that the line includes lots of lovely coordinating items from dinner sets to windbreaks and sleeping bags. I chose the 8 piece set with the Witley design which has a row of trees, a row of badgers and a row of tents on it and they look great, I can't wait to use them next year.

Just lately both me and my husband have really started getting into cooking and making everything from scratch rather than using ready meals etc and something that you definitely notice more when you're doing a lot of cooking is how much easier the whole process is if you have some good quality cookware. Most of our pans that we started off with are cheap and scratched, everything sticks to them which makes cooking difficult and they're a pain to clean so we're on a mission to replace all of our pots and pans with some better quality ones. The latest pan to be replaced is our small frying pan and to replace it we got the Ozeri Green Earth Ceramic Non Stick Frying Pan, it uses GREBLON ceramic which is 100% free from chemicals and heavy metals, it's scratch resistant and super easy to clean, we love it for omelettes and pancakes and we found we use far less oil when we cook now.

Finally my last favourite product at the moment are the Genie Bras, now I've seen these advertised on tv loads and to be perfectly honest I never thought they would be something I would ever want or need however just lately I've been finding my bras really uncomfortable and the hook fastenings have been digging into my back making them really uncomfortable. 

The Genie Bras don't have any hooks, wires or adjusting straps which make them incredibly comfortable to wear. You don't even need to know your correct bra size as with the Genie Bra you chose them by your dress size and they fit perfectly. I absolutely love these bras, I have the 3 pack which comes with a black bra, a nude bra and a white bra and they're ideal for wearing during the day if you're not wearing anything too low cut, at night as a sleep bra if you like some extra support while sleeping and also I find they're really good to wear if I'm working out as they offer great support and stop things jiggling around too much. Whether you're petite or full figured I'd recommend these bras to anyone, the fact that they've sold 70 million of these bras worldwide I think speaks for itself.

BHS are currently selling a special pink Genie Bra for Breast Cancer Care, they're priced at £9.99 and for every one sold they will donate £1 to a Breast Cancer Care charity.

I hope you enjoyed reading about all my favourite products at the moment, let me know if you love any of these things too.


I was sent some of these items for review but my opinions are 100% honest.

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