Sunday, 6 October 2013

Summer's 6 Month Update

I can't believe you're already half a year old, it's gone so fast! You're dying to crawl and I think it won't be long until you're on the move which I must say I'm not looking forward to as I know you're going to be a little rascal.


You've been sleeping much better and you're now sleeping in your cot in your own bedroom which you love as you've got lots of space to roll around. Since your brother started school and we all have to be up at 7 you've got into a much better routine and you now nap at around 9.30 for an hour in your cot and then again at around 13.30 for a couple of hours, sometimes you'll even have another short nap at teatime but not everyday. 

You sleep really well as long as you don't roll onto your front, if you're on your front you always seem to wake up really upset after about 20 mins and then end up really grumpy because you're still tired. I think you're having a growth spurt at the moment as you seem much more tired than usual and you even fell asleep in your Jumperoo the other day lol


You're eating food now and we're doing a mixture of baby led and purees and it seems to be going really well. You much prefer to feed yourself but as you're not actually eating much that way I feel like I have to give you some pureed food too to make sure you're getting what you need. So far you've tried cucumber, cheese, breadsticks, sweet potato, courgette and pepper. Your favourite puree at the moment is banana and you love your Hipp Organic Apple, Orange & Banana Cereal.

The main problem I have when I'm feeding you is that you won't open your mouth and if you do open it you put your tongue in the way so the spoon won't go in, it's very frustrating and very messy but we get there in the end, hopefully you'll get the hang of it soon.

What you've been up to

You're rolling all over the place now and have been trying to pull your legs up underneath yourself in preparation for crawling, I can't take my eye off you for a second as you're into everything, Daddy was watching you the other day and he left you on the sofa for less than a minute, when he came back you were on your front, legs hanging off the sofa and you had grabbed Riley's dinner and was stuffing it in to your mouth! We couldn't believe it, it did look quite funny though and we now know that you can not be left unattended not even for a minute.

You still like to put blankets and clothes over your face, it's like a little game to you but it scares me to death, please stop doing that!

You're growing very fast and getting cuter by the day, here's a few photos of you from the past month.



  1. Awwww she's such a little cutie!!! I love how she always has a hairband on hehe!

    Bless her falling asleep in the jumperoo!!! lol


    1. Thanks Hayley :) she has a headband to match every outfit lol

      I know I can't believe she fell asleep in the Jumperoo, she must have been really tired xx

  2. Shes about the same age as my little girl. She's wanting to crawl so much too. Going to need eyes in the back of our heads soon! Lol


    1. I know, I think she's going to be a little rascal lol xx

  3. Bless her. I love the headbands....where are they from??

    Lauren x

    1. I get them from they're so gorgeous and April who makes them is lovely :) xx

  4. She is just gorgeous and she is your double! Such a lovely post and your photos are beautiful x

    1. Awww thank you! Yeah she is my mini me lol xx


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