Saturday, 19 October 2013

Super Cute No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas

If you want to have fun this Halloween decorating pumpkins with your children but you'd rather they didn't use knives or sharp objects then why not use paints, stickers and studs to create super cute Halloween decorations without the danger.

Here are my favourite ideas.

Use paints to add colour and patterns to your pumpkins.

Why not ombre your pumpkin in candy corn colours or go crazy with neon colours.

You could glam up your pumpkins with studs or stick on gems.

Painting your pumpkins with a chevron or wood grain design would look gorgeous for Autumn.

Kids would love making their pumpkins into cute animals using paints and craft paper.

And if all else fails just draw a mustache on it.

Hope you like these ideas, is this something you would consider trying with your kids?



  1. I love the mustaches!! I am planning on painting some, they will be black with deep yellow faces.... :) xx

  2. Ohh I love the ones with the mustaches too! I have just found your blog from twitter - some good stuff!


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