Wednesday, 27 November 2013

5 Apps To Help You Get Ready For Christmas

Like it or not Christmas is almost upon us, the Christmas adverts are on the television and everywhere you look there are gift guides galore! Don't panic though as help is at hand in the form of some fun and super handy Christmas themed apps and tools designed to make life easier during the festive period.

  1. If you love decorating Christmas trees then this is the app for you, you can download this on to your iPhone or iPod Touch and decorate Christmas trees to your hearts content. Then you can watch your individually decorated tree sparkle as you count down the days until Christmas.
  2. This app will keep you super organised when it comes to your Christmas shopping list. You can track budgets per person, track gifts by status e.g. shipping, received, wrapped and countdown how many shopping days are left until Christmas. It's the perfect app if you buy for a lot of different people.
  3. If you want to look fab during the festive season then why not try this brilliant app which tells you all about the latest beauty trends, how to achieve them and exactly where to buy the products. Everything you need to know about hair, nails and makeup is all in this app and will ensure that you have a very glam Christmas this year.
  4. Want ideas for your Christmas party? Why not try this app for all your lifestyle inspiration, it contains some great ideas for party food, home decor and fashion. It offers some really good ideas to make your Christmas party stand out from the crowd.
  5. While we're on the subject of Christmas parties then why not try this party planner app from Fancy Dress Ball. Using this app you can create and send your party invitations and save some trees at the same time. It's great fun, super easy to use and saves you the hassle of worrying whether your invite made it through the post during Royal Mail's busiest time of the year.

I hope these apps help to make your Christmas a little easier this year.


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  1. Never knew you could get any of these! haha! xx

  2. These Five apps are really a fine Christmas app to get ready for the christmas


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