Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Do You Share Too Much Online?

With social media being so popular these days we seem to share almost every aspect of our lives from photos of us and our children, to details about what we're doing at the moment, the question is,  is it really safe to be sharing so much?

The answer to that question is it's not safe and we should really be more concerned with protecting our privacy on social media networks. Think about what you're posting online as details such as your address could easily be mentioned in what you think is an innocent conversation, but you never know who could see that information. Should you then post that you're going away on holiday, then anyone who might have come across personal details like your address or even your street name will know the period in which your home will be vacant and if they have ill intentions could take advantage of such information. Not a pleasant thought, I know, but the reality is that there are people out there who would take advantage of this information, which is why we need to be careful.

Here's an example for you, a friend of mine shared some photo's of her child on their first day of school, on the photo you could clearly see the school logo on their bag which would let anyone know exactly where that child goes to school. This information in the hands of a criminal could potentially be very dangerous but from my friends point of view she was just sharing an exciting milestone in her family's life. 

The point is that we need to think smart when it comes to how much information we share online and who we share it with. Protecting our homes and families is the most important thing.

How much do you share online? Is it too much?


Written on behalf of Norton.

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