Monday, 18 November 2013

November Favourites

I know it's a little early for my November Favourites post but there are so many products that I'm loving at the moment I thought I better write this post now before the list gets too long.

Comfort sent me this lovely little hamper with a bottle of their new Christmas scent fabric softener Vanilla & Gold Iris, a Vanilla Reed Diffuser and a lovely Christmas apron. I've been on the look out for a fabric softener where the scent stays on your clothes for ages so I was so pleased when I tried this one and found that my clothes smelt amazing days after being washed. I love Vanilla so this is perfect for me, it smells so nice I literally can't stop smelling myself, Comfort Vanilla & Gold Iris is available to buy in all leading supermarkets now.

My next favourite are Naty nappies, I normally use Aldi nappies but I do like to do my bit for the environment so when I was asked to try the Naty nappies which have eliminated as much non-biodegradable materials as possible whilst maintaining performance and comfort I jumped at the chance. I found the nappies work really well for Summer, I've had no leakages and overall I'm really impressed with them, if you're trying to go green then I highly recommend these nappies. You can buy Naty nappies from Boots, Toys R Us, Mothercare, Sainsburys and Tesco.

These next items have been a lifesaver for me just lately, I have a pushchair where the handle is all the way across so I can't hang shopping bags on it which poses a problem when I walk to the shops as the only place I can put my shopping is in the basket under the pushchair and I can't fit that much in there. However help came in the form of Buggy Hooks and Buggy Clips, the Buggy Hooks can hold up to 2.5kg of shopping, have adjustable, extra strong velcro straps that will fit most pushchair handles, the hooks rotate 360 degrees to fit different shaped items and you get 2 hooks for just £5.99. The Buggy Clips are very similar but they use a spring clip instead of a hook, you also get 2 of these for £5.99. They make life so much easier when I'm going shopping and for less than £6 they're a total bargain.

Summer's favourite this month has definitely been her sleepsuit from Crawlerz, they have grippers all down the front of the legs and feet to stop babies from slipping when they're trying to crawl on wood, tiled or laminate floors and as we have a lot of laminate floors in our house this sleepsuit will come in handy. They come in pink, blue or white and I'm definitely going to order some more.

Lastly Riley's favourite this month has been the Zeamu CD which has contains music that is appropriate for children but is also good enough that adults enjoy it too. Most pop songs in the charts these days are great for adults but the content isn't very often appropriate for children, with subjects like relationships, drinking and clubbing and up until now the only other option for kids are nursery rhymes which after a while can drive parents mad so this CD is great as it combines good pop music with subjects that children can relate to like friends and school. Riley has loved listening to the music and singing along to the songs and actually me and my husband quite like it too.

So that's everything we've been loving so far this month, let me know what you're loving at the moment.


Some of these items were given to me for review purposes but all opinions are 100% honest


  1. Thats crawlerz sleepsuit is so cute! xx

  2. I love the look of the sleep suit and the buggy clips look really really useful. Naty nappies are fantastic! xx


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