Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Planning Our First Weekend Away Since Having Summer

Me and my husband like to try and have a weekend away just the two of us every year because although we love our children very much it's nice to spend some one on one time together which is incredibly hard to do when you're at home. Last year we went to Bath and it was lovely and this year we're going to London, we'll only be away for one night but we're going to ask our parents (Riley is going to Ian's parents and Summer is going to my parents) to have the kids the night before we go as well so that we can set off early in the morning.

We need a new weekend bag to take with us to London as all of our other cases are too big and our last small case broke the last time we used it. I really like this Wenger suitcase for a weekend break, I love that it's a nice size to carry but it also has wheels and an extending handle which really helps if you have a long way to walk from the train station to the hotel. I also really like the Samsonite holdalls with wheels as they look really good quality and hopefully wouldn't break like our last case did.

Our plans while we're there are to do some Christmas shopping and check out the amazing Christmas decorations that London have every year.

We're hopefully going to have some lovely food while we're away.

And we're going to see a show, this year we're going to see Wicked and I can't wait as I've heard so many good reviews of it.

We don't go until mid December but I'm really looking forward to it although I'm not sure how I'll feel about leaving Summer for the first time, hopefully I'll have got my head around it by then.


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  1. We're hopefully having a weekend away too in December. Fingers crossed! Wicked is meant to be fantastic. : ) x


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