Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Summer's 7 Month Update

I'm a little late posting this as Summer is actually 8 months old now but I thought I'd post it anyway. She's come on leaps and bounds this month and has all of a sudden learnt to do lots of new things, she's growing up too fast.


Not much has changed this month with regards to sleeping, you're still sleeping well at night and napping well in the day. You've become quite attached to your little blanket that you have in bed and you seem to like to suck the corner of it for comfort, why you can't just have a dummy or suck your thumb I don't know lol


You're still enjoying your food and loving the baby led weaning although I do still give you pureed food aswell to make sure you're getting enough. I tried to move you up to the 7 months + food which has small lumps in and you don't like it at all, you actually had your very first temper tantrum when I tried to give it to you, I've never seen you so angry lol you tried to rip your bib off and you were so upset. I've tried you with the lumpy food a couple of times since with no luck so that's something we're going to have to work on I think. 

You love bread and bananas but your favourite fruit are blueberries.

What you've been up to

You must have been through a massive growth spurt this month both mentally and physically, in the space of 2 weeks you learnt to clap, wave and say Dada and Mumum. You say Dada the most and you say it when you see Daddy so you know exactly what it means, if I ask you where Riley is you look straight at him and also if I ask where's Puppy you look straight at Macho so you know who everyone is.

You're nearly sitting up by yourself and I'm sure it won't be long until you're crawling. You're bored of all your baby toys like rattles etc and you like toys with lots of buttons to press, flashing lights and music now. We had lots of fun on Halloween and you looked super cute dressed up as a kitten.

Here's a few photos of you from the last month.

You're very independent and not nearly as cuddly as your big brother but you're my special girl and I love my squidgy very much :)



  1. Adorable, clever little girl!! x

  2. Cutie! Ted has a Nemo comforter in bed and he chews it all the time!

  3. She is just gorgeous! Aw wow can't believe she is saying dada and mumum :) xx


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