Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Get Involved in the Cycle to Work Scheme in 2014

Happy New Year everyone! Are you planning your resolutions? If you’re determined to make 2014 a fit and healthy year, then you could do worse than start cycling to work. The government’s Cycle Scheme initiative is aimed to help anyone who wants an easy and affordable way to start.
We’re all aware of the warnings about the problems affecting the world including our planet’s atmosphere, and just how what we do every single day will have a dramatic effect permanently. This includes incidents we presume nothing of, like leaving a house light switched on, a tv on standby, or boiling a kettle over and over in order to make a cup of tea. For this reason the last few years have seen a barrage of advertising campaigns and appeals launched to help our environment.
One of the worst forms of pollution is exhaust emissions from vehicles on the road. As countless cars, vans and other motorised vehicles travel up & down the country on their daily excursion to where they work, it’s likely to have a detrimental effect.
This is where the government’s Cycle Scheme initiative comes into its own. The cycle to work scheme enables you to cycle to work as opposed to driving, which includes a number of benefits to you, your company and the environment.

Wondering how the Cycle to Work Scheme works?
The way it works is fairly trouble-free, a firm must first register to engage in the cycle to work scheme as soon and as it's been approved they should make their staff aware of it. Employees are then able to look for the bike which suits them best, request a certificate, which is then approved by your employer who can then make an order for this particular bike.
When authorised, the certificate will likely be issued and the employee can redeem it at the shop or over the phone.
Employees should know that they pay for the bicycle over twelve months through their salary, yet the cost of the bike is usually about 42% below what we might have paid if they weren’t active in the scheme.

Cycle to Work Scheme Benefits
Besides the money/financial incentive to both employers and employees as well as benefits to our environment, the cycle to work scheme also carries with it an bunch of other gains:
Recent research suggests that cycling to a place of work helps enhance the economic system by just about £13.7 billion. This is because people that bike it are believed to be not as likely to take a day off sick than those who use other kinds of transport such as car, bus, train.
With all the significant advantages of cycling, as well as cash savings as a result of not having to buy petrol, 2014 is a great year to try out the Cycle Scheme and make a positive lifestyle change.
For more info about the Cycle Scheme you can visit the official site: http://www.cyclescheme.co.uk/
Also, the writer of this article, Global Bike, encourage Cycle Scheme orders and more info can be found at their Cycle to Work Scheme Onlinepage.

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