Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Winter Walks

There's nothing we love more as a family than a long walk in some beautiful surroundings on a crisp and sunny Winters day. 

Our favourite place to go for a walk is Wollaton Hall, we love to feed the ducks and stroll around the paths which lead around the huge park. 

Wollaton Hall itself is pretty impressive and you may recognise it from The Dark Knight Rises as it was used as Wayne Manor.

We have lots of fun letting our dog Macho and the kids run around and have fun in the grounds of Wollaton Hall.

The only problem with Winter walks is that the dog can get very dirty which means that when we get home it's bath time for Macho.

At the moment we're trying out the Scruffy Chops dog shampoo and conditioners, Scruffy Chops make natural and organic mineral shampoos which focus on looking after your dogs skin. We used the Zest in Show Shampoo with Pink Grapefruit and the Muddy Marvelous Conditioner with Coconut and they both smelt amazing. I've never used a conditioner on Macho before, we normally just use shampoo but it really made a difference, his fur was silky, soft and really shiny after we dried him off.

I really like the idea of using all natural products on Macho and I'll definitely continue to use conditioner on him as it made such a difference. Scruffy Chops have a range of different products to suit all hair types and they're also cruelty free.


  1. What beautiful photos of your winter walks. We love going out for walks too, something which I never thought I would say before I had children! x

    1. Thanks Katie, it's amazing how much having children changes us :) xx


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