Thursday, 23 January 2014

Life Without The Internet - Could I Manage?

As I sat in front of my very well used laptop today I had a thought, could I manage life without the internet and to be completely honest I don't think I could. Shortly after moving into our house 4 years ago we signed up to Virgin Media broadband and we've never looked back. 

I pretty much use the internet all day everyday in one way or another, if I didn't have it there would be no more blogging which is something I've grown to love and has become a massive part of my life, it has introduced me to some amazing people who have become great friends and it has even earned me some much needed extra cash.

If I had no internet I wouldn't be able to keep in touch with so many of my friends who don't live near to me, over the years friends of mine have moved away to different parts of the country and some have moved to different countries altogether but the internet allows us to remain in contact and speak on a daily basis which would be a lot more difficult if we had to do it just using the phone.

Being a mum of two sometimes puts some major restrictions on life and simple tasks like going food shopping can become mission impossible if the children won't co-operate or are feeling ill, having the convenience of ordering my food shopping online really takes the pressure off sometimes and means I have one less stressful thing to do that day.

Just having the power to Google everything makes the internet a must have for me because I Google EVERYTHING! Lol it's just so handy whenever I don't understand something to just type in the question and have the answer in seconds, if I'm worried about one of the kids being ill I google it to find out what to do and if I'm looking to buy something in particular but don't know where to find it, yep that's right I Google it.

Lastly something that I always do online that I struggle to do any other way is my banking, my local branch closed down and now to get to my bank I've got a good hour round trip which is just not convenient for me most of the time so all of my banking is done online and this makes life a whole lot easier for me.

So I think the answer to the original question is no I definitely could not live without the internet.

Could you live without the internet?


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  1. Nope I couldn't live without the internet....The thought of not having it just scares me! I use it for everything! Banking, grocery shopping,


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