Tuesday, 4 February 2014

My January Degustabox

Degustabox is a monthly subscription box filled with a selection of 8 to 12 new, special or innovative food products from well known brands. I received one in December and was really impressed with what I got so I was super excited to receive January's box and find out what was inside.

Here's what was in this months box

GO! Kombucha is the UK's leading raw kombucha tea brand. In celebration of Chinese New Year Degustabox are working with GO! Kombucha to highlight their China White and Golden Yunnan teas which faithfully adhere to the ancient Chinese recipe. Filled with pro-biotic enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals it is the perfect way to start your New Year invigorated and revitalised!

Quinola Mothergrain Express is the perfect way to enjoy quinoa and save time! Ready cooked, they can be enjoyed cold as part of a salad or quickly reheated for be included as part of a hot meal. Organic and Fairtrade, Quinola Mothergrain Express have won 4 Great Taste awards. Not only delicious, quinoa is also a super-food, high in nutrients and gluten free! In either Pearl and Black or Pearl and Red, Quinola Mothergrain Express a quick,easy, healthy and delicious way to enjoy quinoa!
Dorset Cereals produce honest, real and (most importantly) tasty cereals. For the January box Degustabox is showcasing Dorset Cereal's delicious Berry Granola, a heavenly mix of traditionally baked oats and zingy blackberries and raspberries. Using good quality products and all created in Dorset, these delicious cereals embrace all the principles of Dorset's Cereals ideas on Simple Pleasures!
Not only are Goody Good Stuff sweeties suitable for Vegetarian, Halal and Kosher diets, they also use high quality ingredients to produce a range of mouthwatering confectionery that are gluten, dairy, soy, nut and high fructose corn syrup free! In collaboration with Degustabox, Goody Good Stuff have supplied not one but two bags of their good stuff! A bag of their Tropical Fruit to tantalise your taste buds and a Sour Mix & Match for a tangy twist!
Maggi®’s So Juicy and So Tender range of recipe mixes are the perfect answer to those tricky mid-week meals. In your Degustabox you will find 2 packets of So Juicy and 1 packet of So Tender, with easy to follow 3 step instructions to make delicious flavoursome meals in a cinch!

In this month's Degustabox, Jules Destrooper have supplied the biscuits they, as a family, have been baking for 125 years! They have been producing their delicious golden Butter Crisp biscuits using the original19th century family recipe, using rich summer butter and a secret blend of spices, for 4 generations. Enjoy these mouthwatering biscuits that are a part of Belgian gastronomic history!

Zico Coconut Water is all about Oomph! As part of this Degustabox and Zico collaboration, we have opted to give you Oomph with added chocolate! Zico Chocolate is made from 85% coconut water (from concentrate) and a more-ish natural chocolate flavour. Zico Chocolate is an excellent low calorie option with great hydrating qualities, choose Zico to get some Oomph! 

Amy's Kitchen Organic Chunky Tomato Soup is made from all natural ingredients, it's gluten free and low in fat which makes it perfect if you're watching what you eat at the moment.

I'm really looking forward to trying the Kombucha and the Zico Coconut water as I'm on a major health kick at the moment and these will fit in with that perfectly as will the Quinola Mothergrain quinoa which I've seen recommended a lot but I've never tried it. 

My husband has already eaten the Jules Destrooper biscuits which he thought were delicious and would be great as part of a dessert. I've tried the Maggi So Juicy before and loved it so I was really happy to see those in the box and I'm excited to try the So Tender. The Amy's Kitchen soup is perfect for me at the moment as it's low in fat so fits in well with my diet and I love eating soup when it's cold outside.

A few people have told me that the Dorset Cereals Granola is delicious but I'm looking for a way to eat it that's not going to be too high in calories as I'm on a diet and I know sometimes granola can be high in calories so if anyone has any suggestions then let me know. Lastly is the Goody Good Stuff sweets which I have tried and they really are yummy, the flavours are amazing and I love how they're suitable for pretty much everyone.

I'm really impressed with this months box again and am already looking forward to next months. If you love food and like to try new things then I'd recommend you give Degustabox a try.


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