Thursday, 6 March 2014

Spring Cleaning

The sun is beginning to show it's face more and the crocuses are out which can mean only one thing, Spring is almost here! I don't know what it is about Spring that makes us all want to have a good clear out but I have been itching to give our house a good scrub from top to bottom and I thought I'd share with you the products that I like to use to make our house sparkle.

Something that I've been wanting to try for ages is a steam cleaner for our floors, we have a tiled kitchen floor and laminate flooring throughout the entire ground floor and because we have a dog and Summer is now crawling I'm very conscious that the floors need to be cleaned really thoroughly to protect her from being exposed to too many nasty germs and bacteria.

The Thane H20X5 Steam Cleaner is a 5 in 1 cleaning system which can be used as a floor cleaner, a carpet steamer, a hand-held steamer, a window cleaner and a garment steamer.

It kills up to 99% of bacteria using only tap or distilled water, it has variable steam control, is really light weight and portable and it deodorises and helps to sanitise.

Included when you purchase your Thane H20X5 is

  • 1 x H2O X5®
  • 1 x Microfibre Cloth
  • 1 x Super Absorbent Cloth
    for window cleaning tool
  • 1 x Super Absorbent Cloth
    for Duster tool
  • 1 x Microfibre Cloth
    for Garment Steamer
  • 1 x Extension Hose
  • 1 x Round Nylon Brush
  • 1 x Round Metal Brush
  • 1 x Angled Jet Nozzle
  • 1 x Duster Tool Attachment
  • 1 x Window Cleaning /
    Garment Steaming Tool Attachment
  • 1 x Carpet Glider
  • 1 x Limescale Cleaning Pin
  • 1 x User's Guide

I couldn't wait to give it try and I got straight to work cleaning my kitchen floor, it has dark grey tiles making it hard to see how dirty it actually, it took me no more than 5 minutes to clean the floor with the steam cleaner and it was so easy to use, all you do is fill it with water, plug it in, wait for the on button to turn green and switch it on and you're good to go. My floor looked super clean after going over it with the steam cleaner and I was quite horrified at how dirty the Microfibre cloth was after I'd finished.

My Mum was so impressed with how well it cleaned my floors that she demanded that I take it to her house the next day so that she could use it on all of her floors. 

The H20X5 works on slate, marble, ceramic tiles, carpet, sealed hardwood, vinyl, granite and laminate. You can also use it as a handheld cleaner to cleaner in between tiles or to remove stubborn stains from your oven. It has 4 steam settings to make sure you're getting the correct amount of steam for the surface that you're cleaning which is all explained fully in the instruction manual.

I'm absolutely thrilled with this steam cleaner and you can currently buy it for just £79.99 from Thane Direct, however I have a special discount code which will get you 10% off, just enter the code HOMESWEETHOME at the checkout. 
I know this is something that I'll use regularly from now on and it's nice and compact so easily stores away after use.

My favourite place to buy my cleaning items at the moment is Home Bargains and I recently got lots of items for my Spring Cleaning mission. They have loads of Spring Cleaning goodies all for really reasonable prices.

I got some anti-bacterial wipes which I use all the time, they're great for wiping surfaces like Summer's highchair and cleaning the kids toys and I also use them when I'm cleaning the bathroom to wipe over the toilet seat. Their quick drying glass and window wipes are brilliant for cleaning windows and mirrors without leaving streaks and smears.

I've had a good sort out of the kids clothes and always store them in vacuum storage bags to keep them fresh and protected, these jasmine scented ones are great and smell gorgeous. I also use the scented draw liners to keep the clothes in our draws smelling fresh and they look pretty too.

I've never tried the Dizolve washing sheets and was quite intrigued to see how well they worked, you use them in your wash instead of a powder or gel and they worked great, my clothes came out clean and smelling of the lovely lavender fragrance. The Vac fresheners and really handy to pop in your vacuum and leave your rooms smelling fresh as a daisy after vacuuming and the steel scourers are perfect for removing tough stains from your pots, pans and ovens.

The last item I have which is essential in my mission for a clean home is a good vacuum and I've found over the years that having a super expensive big brand vacuum doesn't always mean it's better. I currently have a Henry style vacuum and although the suction is amazing the vacuum itself is really heavy and bulky making it almost impossible to vacuum the stairs and the suction is so strong that vacuuming carpets is really difficult as the vacuum literally sticks to the carpet and I can't move it. So when Debt Free Direct asked me to take part in their campaign to see whether supermarket electrical brands make good purchases I thought I'd try a supermarket brand vacuum and I absolutely love it.

The Sainsbury's 1600W Vacuum with Pet Brush costs just £34.99 as there is currently £5.00 off and it works brilliantly. It's super lightweight and comes with a special pet brush attachment that picks up animal hair from all types of floor. It also has a HEPA filter which cleans bacteria and other allergens out of the air before it's expelled making it perfect for people with allergies.

This vacuum has been a life saver for me as I can now vacuum the stairs quickly and easily without breaking my back carrying a heavy vacuum, vacuuming carpets is a breeze and it glides over the carpets easily whilst still picking up all the bits and the handle extends really far so I can vacuum without stooping down which really hurts my back. Overall I'm massively impressed with this vacuum and I'd recommend it to anyone thinking of getting a new one.


The vacuum was sent to me courtesy of Debt Free Direct, however all thoughts and opinions are 100% honest and my own.


  1. I love the vacuums that have pets in mind. We have a border collie and ours picks up the stray hairs perfectly upstairs. I couldnt live without it.

  2. i really need to invest in a steam cleaner

  3. We recently got a steam cleaner and what I thought was a "clean floor" was shocking not so clean as the white cloth showed us. It goes to show the normal mop and bucket isn't the best way to clean floor. We also have an animal Dyson which was fab when we had a dog who seemed to leave a scattering of hair everywhere she went!

  4. I'd love to try a steam cleaner.

  5. i really want and need a steam cleaner :)

  6. i have a steam cleaner and find it fantastic i also use home bargains for my cleaning products and also poundland as they have some good bargains for cleaning products

  7. The Sainsburys vacuum looks really good, at a fantastic price too, I could really do with a new one ready for spring cleaning x
    Twitter @tjsi1963

  8. I could really do with a steam cleaner. I seem to spend hours cleaning muddypaw prints from our kitchen floor and it would make life considerably easier.

  9. Would love a steam cleaner. Our kitchen floor never seems clean even after I've moped it all over.

  10. With a farmer for a husband, six dogs, a cat and two little people, my house is hardly ever clean - the steam mop looks like a fab investment.

  11. I've never tried anything like the steam cleaner before, but I have a feeling I'd love one. I really need to clean my suite but I have no idea how.

  12. That vacuum looks interesting. My Dyson is on its last legs but the are so expensive. This might be a better option.

  13. This sounds great especially with children with allergies

  14. I have been after a steam cleaner for ages!

  15. I would love a steam cleaner- I have a nice vacuum cleaner from Samsung which picks up cat hair very well but steam cleaner seems a perfect solution for hard floors

  16. Call me crazy, but I'm the type who loves spring cleaning more than anything. Seeing a clean sparkling home puts me in my most comfortable state, so everytime the spring season arrives, I'm generally at my most heightened emotion. Hahaha! Anyway, good job with your entry way. Thanks for sharing that! All the best to you! :)

    Bo Tolbert @ HJS Supply Co.


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