Monday, 24 March 2014

Summer's 1st Birthday

Last week was Summer's 1st Birthday, my baby girl is one year old already! 

I honestly can't believe it, it's gone so fast, too fast. It's been quite emotional for me and even looking at her pile of birthday cards made me well up with tears, she's too small to be one for a start, she's only in 6-9 month clothes and this first year with her has been a very difficult one. At 9 months she got pneumonia and was in hospital for a few weeks, she had to have surgery right before Christmas and it was a very difficult time for all of us. 

Since leaving hospital Summer has had numerous colds and chest infections, it's heartbreaking seeing her ill all the time and of course she was ill for her birthday but we made the best of it and she soldiered on through her party like a little trouper even though she was feeling pretty poorly.

I love planning the kids parties and I've been thinking about Summer's birthday party for months, I decided to go with an owls and clouds theme because I'm obsessed with owls at the moment and I just think clouds are so cute. I found the perfect party set in Sainsburys and then chose everything else based on that.

We used the bunting from Summer's bedroom and the lovely canvas that we recently had done of Summer to decorate the wall behind the table. We put the bunting up with Command Strips and they worked brilliantly, they allow you to hang decorations but don't leave any marks or holes in your walls, I really recommend them for party decorations and we'll definitely be using them again in the future.

I love the tissue pom poms and the candy striped drinks cups, they look so cute with the paper straws and everyone loved them. My favourite thing at her party though was the cake, a friend of mine makes them and she's amazing, I sent her a photo of something I liked and told her to tailor it to my theme and what she came up with was absolutely perfect.

The owl is super cute and I love the sleeping clouds with their little eyelashes, it was exactly what I wanted and was the perfect centre piece for the party. I also made cupcakes to with little cloud cake toppers which looked adorable and were super yummy and we even had matching party bags.

For Summer's outfit I decided on a cute long sleeved vest with a number 1, her adorable cupcake tutu from Angels Face and a sparkly bow headband from What's In Lilly's Closet, I get all of Summer's headbands and bows from there so if you want some for your little one then you should definitely take a look.

Summer got lots of lovely presents, we really struggled with what to buy her though because when it's your second child you kind of have everything already but we decided on a new bigger kitchen as Summer loves to open cupboards and put things inside so we thought it would be perfect. Other than that she had some gorgeous clothes, a lovely tea set, a personalised breakfast set from Getting, some books, a ride on horse and learning chair from Fisher Price and a pretty little teepee tent to play in.

Considering she was ill Summer had a lovely birthday, I just hope that the next year doesn't go as fast as this first one.



  1. Summer is a very cute little girl, Happy birthday! I wish you lots of strength and lots of health for Summer and hopefully you will fight all illnesses!

  2. Aw it looks lovely, bless her she does look ill! Sienna was ill on her first birthday too she had been throwing up for a few days :( Bless them! I LOVE her cake it is so adorable! Also those command strips look handy, we could have done with them.. I have so many holes in wall from putting up Sienna's bunting with drawing pins haha xx

    1. Awww yes I remember Sienna had that horrible bug bless her! The Command Strips were brilliant Kerry, I definitely recommend them xxx

  3. Sorry to hear Summer was it, she looks like she had a great birthday though! Love her kitchen and tent :) xx

  4. Glad she had a great birthday despite being unwell, Love the theme you went for :) x

  5. Sorry to hear she was poorly on her birthday, my littlest was poorly on her birthday party too. She looks gorgeous in her tutu. And the party looks great. I love her little tent! x

  6. Looks like a fabulous birthday, although I'm sorry to hear Summer wasn't well. Can I ask where you got her 1 long sleeved vest from? It's gorgeous!

  7. Happy birthday to Summer! Sorry that she was ill, but it looks like a lovely day with some wonderful gifts & love that tutu! X

  8. Love love all the gorgeous photos of your gorgeous little girl. So sweet. What a great celebration sorry to hear she was ill too. No fun. Looks like she still had a lot of fun though. Thanks for linking up to Share With me linky I loved her number 1 outfit too. I am off to check out tuts from angel face now thanks. The teepee is adorable too. I love a good play area reading tent! :) Your blog is so lovely too if I haven't said it before. Love reading. #sharewithme

  9. Eeek and most important Happy Birthday Summer! ;)

  10. Awww such a little cutie... Happy 1st Birthday to Summer... She looks liked she enjoyed herself and I love the Presents she received... My little girl Layla is 1 in 2 weeks time! :/ it goes way too fast #Sharewithme

  11. Everything about the party looks too cute! Belated happy birthday \summer!


  12. Oh the first birthday is so very special. She is beautiful. My little boy suffered with his chest in his first year too - hope she feels better soon xxx

  13. The first year flies by far too quickly doesn't it, I'm sorry to hear how ill she's been.
    p.s. LOVE Her outfit and the Party decor, super cute!!


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