Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Vapiano Restaurant Review

We recently celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary and decided to take a trip to London for a much needed break. It was only for one night but it was enough time for us to relax and enjoy each others company without the children constantly distracting us. The one thing I miss the most about not having children is simply being able to have a conversation with my husband, I don't know if it's just us but having a 3 and a half year old in the house makes conversations with Ian virtually impossible so having the time to just talk without interruption was great. After saying all of that though it took me approximately an hour to start missing the children and then we pretty much spent the whole time talking about them, you can't win!

While we were in London we were lucky enough to be asked to review an amazing Italian restaurant called Vapiano, I'm not normally a massive fan of Italian restaurants as I find them all quite similar and a little boring but Vapiano isn't like any other Italian I'd ever been to. 

All the food in Vapiano is cooked fresh, right in front of your eyes, when you arrive you each receive a credit card, you then decide what you would like to eat whether it be pasta, pizza or salad and you go to the relevant station, there are several pasta stations, a pizza station and a salad station where there are several chefs cooking the food right there for you to see. You tell them what you would like and then they scan your card to enter what you've had and you watch them cook your food exactly how you like it, at the end of you meal everything you've eaten is recorded on your card and you take it to the cashier to pay.

We decided to order a pasta dish and a pizza and share so that we could try both so we ordered Cognac pasta and a Barbecue Chicken Pizza. 

All of the pasta is handmade fresh in the restaurant everyday and you can choose whichever shape you would like, the Cognac pasta had chicken breast, bacon, peas, garlic, cream, tomato sauce and cognac in and without a doubt it was the best pasta dish I have ever tried in my life. If I go to an Italian I would never normally order pasta as I find it too stodgy and boring but this pasta dish was so delicious I could have eaten two portions. I really liked that you could see the chefs cooking your meal and asking you how you like things, it makes the whole experience a little more personal and definitely more enjoyable.

The pizza was also delicious, I love Barbecue Chicken Pizza anyway and this was as good a pizza as I've had anywhere else. I'd definitely recommend having the pasta if you eat here though even if pasta isn't something you would normally have. When you order a pizza the chef makes it up in front of you and then pops it in the pizza oven to cook, they then give you a buzzer to take back to your table so that you can sit down whilst the pizza is cooking and when it's ready the buzzer goes off and you can go and collect your pizza.

We were pretty full after our mains but of course we had to sample dessert so we opted for Tirimisu and Panna Cotta. I wasn't sure if I'd like the Tirimisu as sometimes they have too much coffee in for me but this one was perfect and absolutely delicious and the Panna Cotta with strawberry sauce was so creamy we both loved it.

Overall we had a really lovely evening in Vapiano, the staff were so friendly and helpful, they were a pleasure to talk to and the atmosphere was really relaxed, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and would definitely go again. There were quite a few people there with children so it's very child friendly and you could also order your food to take away. Unfortunately at the moment there isn't a Vapiano near to where we live in Nottingham but there are two in London, the one we went to is just a few doors down from Topshop on Great Portland Street just off Oxford Street and they're opening a third in London in the summer so if you're heading to London anytime soon or if you live there you have to give Vapiano a try, you'll love it.



  1. Finding a good Italian restaurant in the uk is hard, but they are out there! A lot don't actually cook real Italian food, but an anglicised version. Nothing wrong with that, but it's frustrating when you want the Italian version. Vapiano looks very nice. x


  2. That made my mouth water..nom, nom and more nom!
    Vicky x

  3. Great post, Vapiano looks amazing! Your pics have made me hungry haha!


  4. Great selfie photo of you guys and the food looks mouth watering.

  5. WOW looks amazing and love your photos! That Tirimisu looks delicious!

  6. sounds more like a buffet, i like italian a lot and would eat it any time, even in my sickly 1 trimester thats the only food i could afford to eat if we went out

  7. I love the idea that you can order the food just as you want it and watch them do it, mainly because my partner hates cheese with a passion, and so often, we order his with no cheese and the message doesn't get through to the chefs. I, on the other hand, could get lots of extra cheese on mine!!

  8. i'm off to London soon for a day trip so will check them out!
    (Tanya Camilleri)

  9. What a great tip! Might go and have a look when I'm next in the London area :)


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