Friday, 4 April 2014

Ed's Easy Diner Review

It was my husbands birthday a couple of weeks ago so we decided to go out for a meal just us two and have a little break from the kids. My husband loves burgers so we thought we'd give Ed's Easy Diner a try and we weren't disappointed.

If you're not familiar with Ed's Easy Diner it's a 1950's style American diner, it serves various different burgers, hot dogs and some amazing milk shakes. We visited the one in Derby which is in The Westfield Centre and our first impressions were really good, it was very clean and we were seated straight away. The staff were incredibly helpful and friendly especially the manager Jon who took care of us during our meal, nothing was too much trouble for him and he answered all of our questions politely and honestly.

We decided for our drinks we would go for a shake and I was in a total dilemma about whether to get the Banana Shake or the Peanut Butter Shake, that was until I realised that they did a Banana and Peanut Butter Shake! I'm not kidding that shake was the best milk shake I have EVER had, it was amazing and very filling, I got 3 glasses full out of it but it was so good I didn't care how full I felt after drinking it. Ian decided to go for the Chocolate and Oreo Cookies Shake which was also nice and he really enjoyed it.

For our mains we both decided to go for burgers, I had the Smokey Joe's Burger which had Cheddar cheese, griddled onions and Smokey BBQ sauce and Ian had the Big Bubba's Bacon and Cheese Burger which had sweet cured bacon and American cheese. We both opted for the Ed's Plate which meant you got fries, onion rings and coleslaw with your burger for an extra £4.

I must admit I'm not much of a 'burger' person, I like burgers but I'm a bit funny when it comes to meat, I don't like my burger to be too thick, too raw in the middle or have any gristle in it and I find most places if I order a burger I'm usually disappointed. However I was pleasantly surprised as this burger was delicious, it was the perfect thickness, it was cooked through and the meat was really good quality, I thoroughly enjoyed eating it. 
The only part of the main that I was a little disappointed with were the fries, when I think of fries I think of thin ones like McDonalds fries and I love them, I don't really like chunky chips so I was a bit surprised that the fries here were chunky ones that kind of looked like oven chips. There was nothing wrong with the chips and they tasted great but I would have preferred proper, thin fries or at least to have the option to choose whether I want fat or thin chips.

Of course we had to sample dessert even though we were incredibly full after our shakes and our mains, I chose pancakes as I have a bit of a pancake obsession and Ian went for the Kit-Kat Choco-Lat Sundae which had vanilla ice cream, Kit-Kat, Hershey's chocolate sauce and whipped cream. I have to say I was pretty disappointed that the pancakes and also the waffles are not made fresh, they're bought in and warmed up which isn't the end of the world but it does tend to make them a little soggy and a bit rubbery. I don't think it would be incredibly difficult to whip up a batch of batter and make them fresh when customers order them so that's one thing I would say could be something they think about changing in the future.

Saying that the desserts were lovely and overall we really enjoyed our meal and our first Ed's Easy Diner experience. Would we eat there again? Definitely, the atmosphere was great, the staff were lovely, everywhere was really clean and the food was yummy.

If burgers are your thing or you just love American diners then I'd recommend you give Ed's Easy Diner a try.



  1. Great review and wonderful photos, it sounds like you had a wonderful meal. I feel the same way about burgers you are never quite sure if it will be right or not. The Kit-Kat Choco-Lat Sundae looks delicious.

  2. OMG Those desserts look amazing! Reminds me of those American diners you see in movies - along stretches of long motorways!

  3. ive been in a dinner just once and would definitely give it a go again, ice-cream looks lush, i think i might put Sundae in the list if all i want to eat after i give birth

  4. I love milkshakes, so you had me sold on that point, and I have a bit of a meat issue too, I start baulking if there's any gristle or fat, so it's nice to know they have good quality burgers.

  5. I love the peanut butter shakes mmmm great review x
    (Tanya Camilleri)

  6. Mmm love love love american diners - no good ones in my area though :(


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