Thursday, 24 April 2014

My Holiday Destination Wishlist

Me and my husband love to travel and have been to some wonderful places over the years including Thailand, Sri Lanka, The Maldives and Dubai but there are many more countries that we would love to visit, here is my holiday destination wishlist.

A Cruise of the Norwegian Fjords

I've always fancied going on a cruise and Norway is such a beautiful place, it's somewhere we would really like to visit. We would start the Cruise from Southampton and then take in the amazing scenery of the Norwegian fjords and maybe even visit Iceland too which is another place we would love to go.

A Kenyan Safari

We've never done a safari so this is something that is definitely on our holiday wishlist and Kenya seems the perfect place to go for this kind of holiday. We'd love to get to see the animals in their natural habitat instead of seeing them in a zoo and we'd also like to learn more about the culture.


Apart from the fact that it looks like an amazing destination for a beach/sunbathing type holiday it also has some really interesting historical attractions like Chichen Itza which is a large city built by Mayan people and is considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

So those are the holiday destinations that are on my wishlist at the moment, what is at the top of your holiday wishlist?


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  1. Oh I looooove cruising. I so want to book one right now lol xx

    1. I've never been on a cruise but I really want to give one a try and see what it's like, I've heard loads of good things about them :) xx

  2. I was such a travel bug before I had my girls, and I have so much more of the world I want to explore. My favourite places I have been to are Thailand, Vietnam, Dubai, Barbados, Austria and New York, but I have been to lots more. The top of my travel wish list would be Japan but I would also love to take the girls to Florida. Oh and San Francisco! x

    1. I love New York too! Florida is definitely on our wishlist for the future with the kids, my husband would love to visit Japan but it's quite an expensive place to get to. I've been to San Francisco and it's amazing! xxx

  3. I am jealous of your destinations - everywhere I want to go!!

    We have been to Cancun twice now and its amazing there! You should definitely go, the kids will love it too. Maybe wait until Summer is another year or two older though as I don't think its particuarly baby suited. Riley would love it though! xx


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