Monday, 28 April 2014

Primark Haul - Riley's Summer Clothes

If you follow me on Instagram then you will have seen that I had a pretty big shopping spree in Primark in preparation for our holiday in a few weeks. Most of the clothing that I bought from there was for my 3 and a half year old son Riley so today I thought I'd share with you what I got for him and also some bits that I got from a few other shops for his holiday.

The first item I picked up for Riley was this pale blue short sleeved shirt with white bird prints, I thought it would look really smart with a pair of smart shorts or trousers for the evening when we're away and it was only £4.00.

Next I got him 2 pairs of shorts, I love the purple pair with the mint coloured camera prints as I thought they were really cool and both pairs will be perfect for our holiday.

After I had picked out the shorts I needed to make sure that Riley had some t-shirts that would go with them so I picked out this mint coloured t-shirt and this navy, mint and blue striped vest, both of which will look great with his new shorts.

Riley already has some denim shorts that still fit him from last year so I thought both of these t-shirts would go really well with those.

Lastly from Primark I got him 2 plain white t-shirts for £2.00 because they go with anything so they will be great to wear with any of his shorts or trousers.

Next we went to Mothercare where I got him these gorgeous nautical canvas shoes, I'm a little obsessed with nautical items so I loved these straight away and also I thought they'd look cute with his other new clothes.

Also from Mothercare are the swim shorts on the right, I thought they were really cool and with Riley's messy blonde hair he looks like a bit of a surfer so these were perfect. I also picked him up another pair of swim shorts from TK Maxx because they reminded me of a pair that Ian has and I like Riley to look like a mini Daddy sometimes.

I wanted a new pair of these Converse style hi-tops for Riley to wear throughout Summer and I thought these grey ones from H&M were perfect. I can not tell you how many pairs of these hi-tops Riley has had in his life, he has literally had a pair non-stop since he was 1. This is his third pair of grey ones and he also currently has a pair of teal ones and some sage green ones on the go too, they're super cheap at just £5.99 and they fasten with velcro so no messing about with shoelaces, they're perfect for little boys or girls as they do girls ones too to run around in and they look so cute.

The last shop we went to was Matalan which is one of my favourite places to shop for the kids clothes, I got this pack of 2 t-shirts which I thought would go perfectly with his new shorts.

And I also got him 2 hats, Riley chose the grey baseball cap with the little face on it and I chose the straw hat. Riley looks so cute in these hats it's unbelievable, here's a photo of him in the straw hat, he's such a cutie!

So that's everything that we bought for Riley for his holidays, hope you enjoyed seeing what we got and I'll be posting soon about what I got for myself and what Summer will be wearing on holiday.



  1. I adore the camera print shorts, and the bird shirt Emma -too cute!! And he is just adorable in his little straw hat! Noah has a very similar one. Such a little dude! :) xx

  2. Those hats are fab! I just have girls so always think Aww! when I see boys clothes....

    1. Thanks Kim, I'm lucky to have one of each so I get to shop for boys and girls :) xx

  3. Fab selection, I love the little converse :-)

  4. Awe so many great things there. I love primark. I should hit it for Buba and MM for our upcoming trip. Great finds. Love them. Especially the shoes!!! Love sailboats and anchors. lol Great post. Thank you so much for linking up to Share WIth Me. #sharewithme

  5. HOW cute are those shorts? Primark is fab for kid's clothes as they aren't in them for more than one season. Great haul :)

  6. Oh these are all so amazing. I used to think that it wouldn't be as fun dressing a little boy as it is dressing little girls but actually you can get some much cuter and trendier boy clothes. Everyone just seems to think little girls want to wear pink constantly! x


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