Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Redecorating Your Home With Your Kids

Spring is the season when most people look around their house and garden and notice that it might need a refurbishment. This can be more difficult with small children, but if you involve them in the activity, the whole family can have some fun.

Replacing damaged windows

If your home is older, you may have the job of maintaining the wooden doors and windows. It’s very easy to source sash window parts and install them to ensure that the house is secure and draught proof. You can take this opportunity to explain the history of your house to your children.

Painting a house can be fun

It’s important not to overestimate your child’s attention span, or their abilities. Make sure that all furniture and other surfaces are protected and covered before you start the makeover. Perhaps you could give your kids their own set of painting overalls, to make them feel important. Obviously, you should reserve the fiddly window frame and skirting boards painting for yourself, but there’s no harm in letting your child to try their luck on a large expanse of wall.

Giving your child’s room a makeover

Make sure that you involve your child in the decisions concerning their bedroom. This room should become their own private sanctuary, where they can let their imagination run wild. Fads change though, so if your kid adores The Hobbit this year, there’s no guarantee that this theme will be so popular in following years. You could always compromise with bedding and posters in one style and have a more generic approach to the rest of the room.

The garden can be updated

If you want to encourage your child to tear themselves away from the plasma screen or the games console, then why not extend your garden into an alternative play space. Trampolines are great fun, but remember to buy one that is fitted with protection so that the children do not fall off the edge. If you are feeling flush, you could always construct a den or tree house for your child. You could convert an existing garden shed, or you could start from scratch depending on your time and budget.

Encourage your child’s green fingers

If you want your child to become more involved in the garden, why not set up a flower bed solely for their use. You can always take them to a local garden centre and let them choose the plants they want to sow. You’ll instil a feeling of pride and confidence in your child once their plants start to grow.

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