Friday, 18 April 2014

What's In My Change Bag

I haven't done a What's In My Change Bag post before and I really enjoy reading these kind of things so when Kiddicare asked me if I'd write a post about the contents of my bag and why I choose to carry those items around with me I thought it would be a fun post to write.

My current change bag is the Pink Lining Blooming Gorgeous bag and I absolutely love it, it's so pretty and feminine and it's a good size so it fits in all the bits and bobs that I need with me when I go out and about with Summer.

As Summer is now 1 I have quite a lot less in my bag than when she was first born, I no longer need to carry around bottles, formula or muslin cloths and as Summer eats pretty much anything now I don't need to carry around pureed baby food anymore.

So here's what's in my bag now
  • Nappies, wipes, change mat, nappy sacks, hand sanitiser and Sudocrem because they are essential items that you always need to have with you at all times when you have a baby.
  • My phone, lip balm, lipstick and hand cream which are all essentials for me when I'm out and about.
  • Snacks and a drink for Summer as she's always hungry and they also keep her quiet if she seems to be getting bored while we're out somewhere. At the moment her favourite snacks are raisins so I always make sure there are at least two packs in the change bag at all times.
  • My purse, diary, pencil and sunglasses because we wouldn't get very far without my purse and I can't remember to do anything without my diary.
  • Bibs, a toy and a book to keep Summer entertained if we stop somewhere for a drink while we're out because Summer gets bored really quickly so I need a few things to keep her occupied and happy. 
I think that's everything that we take out with us, sometimes I'll take a snack for myself and if it's sunny we take a sun hat for Summer and some sun cream for both of the kids. Kiddicare have a great range of change bags so if you're on the look out for a new one then you should definitely take a look.

What's your essential change bag item? Is there anything that's not in my bag that you think should be?


I was offered a Kiddicare voucher to buy some items for my change bag in exchange for writing this post.


  1. We were laughing the other day at how my daughters bag used to be filled with make up and hairspray and now she has a changing bag filled to the brim with nappies, wipes, clothes, milk, snacks, toys etc for her two young children. I think baby wipes are an essential item and even now mine are older we still keep wipes in the car as they are so useful.

  2. What a fab bag, love it :)

  3. Gorgeous bag and you are so organised!

  4. So organised! I have had to get rid of my pink lining bag as I carry too much rubbish around with me!


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