Thursday, 8 May 2014

Our Bank Holiday Weekend

I love bank holidays, it's so nice to have my husband at home with us just for that one extra day to have fun and go out with the kids. We were very lucky this bank holiday because Morrisons were kind enough to give us some vouchers to go and buy all of our food for the weekend which was amazing, I don't usually shop at Morrisons as we don't have a local store but I love their food and we couldn't wait to go shopping.

Morrisons have recently made some price cuts on thousands of your favourite products and those price cuts are here to stay so if you're a regular shopper at Morrisons you'll really notice a difference.

You still get the same award winning meat and fish, still get trained butchers and bakers, still get the best of fresh on Market Street and still get friendly Morrisons service. Look out for the yellow markers when you shop instore or online, if it says I'm cheaper then it's staying cheaper. You can check out their new pricing here.

Ok on to what we got up to over our bank holiday weekend, the first thing we did was go and spend our Morrisons vouchers and we felt like we got a lot for £80. We buy a lot of fresh fruit and veg and were really impressed with their fruit and veg aisle, there was so much choice at such great prices and everything is so fresh and displayed so nicely. We actually ended up getting an entire weeks worth of shopping for £84 which is great, I usually shop at Aldi and Tesco and it works out at around about the same price so I was really impressed with that as I thought Morrisons would be more expensive.

After our food shop we went out to a lovely little farm near us called Bluebell Dairy which is free to get in and they have a lovely cafe that sells the yummiest ice cream I've ever tasted. They have a few animals on the farm and a park for the children and we had a really nice time there.

After all that playing we headed home and my husband cooked us one of our favourites for tea, chicken and vegetable pie. It has chicken, bacon, mushrooms, leek, broccoli and peas in and is topped with filo pastry, it makes enough for 4 portions and the ingredients cost us £6.95 which works out at just £1.73 per portion.

The next day we decided to put our tent up in our back garden and have a picnic as my son Riley is always asking if we can camp out and roast marshmallows over a camp fire (I think he watches too much American tv lol). The kids loved playing in the tent and we had a lovely little picnic using more of the food we bought from Morrisons.

On the last day of the bank holiday we decided to go for a walk around Wollaton Park which is somewhere we visit quite often as it's not far from where we live and it has some beautiful gardens to walk around and a park for the kids to play on. Riley loved running around and finding pine cones and there was an ice cream van there so of course we had to have ice creams.

We had a really lovely few days and were pleasantly surprised that the weather was nice and warm all weekend. We're already looking forward to the next bank holiday!

What did you get up to over the bank holiday weekend?


We were given £80 in vouchers to spend at Morrisons but all thoughts and opinions are 100% honest and my own.


  1. Aww looks like such a lovely bank holiday weekend!! Gorgeous pics.

    And the pie looks amazing, go ian! xx

  2. that pie looks so good! Glad you had a lovely weekend :) xx

  3. Sounds like a really fun weekend and I always love visiting places with animals. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part


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