Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Our Build-A-Bear Workshop Experience

Last week Riley and Summer were lucky enough to get the chance to go to Build-A-Bear Workshop and choose a bear each and they were so excited. If you're not familiar with Build-A-Bear Workshop, it's a soft toy workshop where your child gets to decide on every aspect of their chosen bear from the appearance, to the scent and even the outfit that it wears. They see their bear come to life before their eyes and it truly is a magical experience for children and parents. 

There are so many different bears to choose from the kids struggled to decide on just one each. It's not just bears either there are monkeys, dogs, cats, and much more. After a long time spent investigating each bear Riley decided on a Sponge Bob SquarePants because he loves watching it on tv and Summer chose a zebra from the new Rainbow range which is so cute, she loves it.

After they had chosen their character the kids got to help out with putting the stuffing in and also choose a scent and a heart to add inside of their toys. Summer chose a bubblegum scent for her zebra and she got to have a heart that actually beats inside it too. Riley chose the pineapple scent for Sponge Bob because "he lives in a pineapple so that's what he should smell like" and he got a fabric heart to put inside.

The kids help to add the stuffing by putting their foot on a peddle and they can have the toy as firm or as soft as they like. When they place the heart inside they get to make a wish which I thought was a nice little touch and really made them feel like they were part of the process of making their toy.

After the toys were stuffed we got to choose outfits for them and there were loads to chose from, Sponge Bob had a pirates outfit and we chose a super cute, bright outfit for Summer's zebra.

After you've got your toy all dressed up it's time to head over to the computers and give your bear a name so that they can get their birth certificate. Of course Sponge Bob already had a name but we decided on Zoe for Summer's zebra. Riley loved using the computer and I think putting in all of the information for the birth certificates was his favourite part.

We had a really lovely time at Build-A-Bear Workshop, the staff were so friendly and couldn't do enough for us and the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves. If you're looking for something special to do with your children then I definitely recommend giving Build-A-Bear Workshop a try, they have lots of stores in numerous locations and they also do parties which would be perfect for birthdays starting from just £9 per child.

Have you taken your children to Build-A-Bear Workshop before?


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