Thursday, 29 May 2014

Scotland's Best Caravan & Camping Sites

Every year we go away in our in-laws caravan at least once and I have to say I absolutely love it, I'm not much of a camper but I think being in a caravan gives you the best of both worlds because you feel like you're enjoying the outdoors and the nice parts of camping but you also get a lot of the creature comforts from home like a proper bed, an oven and a tv.

We always stick to going to the same places in the caravan, we go to Filey which is in Yorkshire or we sometimes go to New Milton which is near Bournemouth. The main reason we go to Filey is because it's my husband's childhood holiday destination and it holds a lot of good memories for him that he wants to continue with his family now. I had never been before I met my husband but I must admit it's become one of my favourite places too. We go to New Milton mainly to visit my husband's Aunt and Uncle who live there but again it's a lovely place and we always have lots of fun when we're there.

I would like to venture a bit further afield with the caravan though and try some new places, somewhere that has always interested me is Scotland and I recently came across a brilliant guide on listing the best caravan & camping sites in Scotland, it's really got me thinking about where we could go on our next caravan adventure and I'll definitely be checking out some of the location more thoroughly online.

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