Thursday, 19 June 2014

Bingo video proves you can never have too many shoes…

Family households are busy places. As well as the mountain of crockery likely to be found in the sink there are also sure to be mountains of shoes cluttering up hallways, living rooms and cupboards.
You might think (or be told) that you’ve got too many shoes but a new bingo video has proven this to be completely false. Just take a look:

This video has been created as part of an ongoing bingo campaign which has got bloggers and real life people like you and me to film short clips that help to visualise bingo calls. The above video for Number 24: Two Dozen simply wouldn’t have been possible without two dozen pairs of shoes (beautifully arranged to write the number 24).

A great family-friendly clip that epitomises how fun games like bingo are, we’re happy that someone finally found a way to prove that you can never have too many shoes.
Of course, this clip isn’t the only video in the collection and there will actually be a total of 90 videos published over the next five weeks to give a comprehensive overview of the famous bingo lingo.
Some of the videos, including our favourite for number 24, are already live and you’ll be able to view all 90 on YouTube by the end of the campaign.

For more information on the bingo calls videos, read this article.

This is a collaborative post.

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