Friday, 11 July 2014

Love The Little Things #1

This week I thought it would be nice to join in with Butwhymummywhy's Love The Little Things link up as it's something I love to read on other peoples blogs, I especially enjoy reading Emma's from Life At The Little Wood.

So here are my little things:


My favourite blog to read at the moment is Little Baby Garvin, it's such a beautiful blog and Jessica's photography is absolutely gorgeous as are her two little ladies.

The book I'm currently reading is The Burning by Jane Casey, it's a thriller about a serial killer and it's got me hooked. I like to read a chapter before bed every night.


My favourite tv show at the moment is definitely Hannibal, I'm addicted to it's amazing plot twists and gruesome murders, it's something I really look forward to watching every week and I'll be gutted when season 2 ends.

As far as Youtube goes I always find myself tuning in to Hannah Maggs weekly vlogs, apart from the fact that she is absolutely gorgeous she's also really sweet and has a gorgeous baby boy and loving husband. Her vlogs are perfectly edited and are a pleasure to watch every Sunday.


There's only one song that I'm absolutely addicted to at the moment and that is Sia's Chandelier, I love her amazing vocals on this track and the video is so intriguing, I love it!


Me and my husband like to cook our meals from scratch, I love the idea that I know exactly what is going in to our meals and that the ingredients are fresh and organic wherever possible. My favourite meal that we made this week was Chilli Salad Bowl's from The Hairy Dieter's Cook Book, we always make it with turkey mince for fewer calories and it tastes delicious every time.


My favourite accessory that I'm obsessed with wearing at the moment is my gorgeous statement necklace from New Look, it's so pretty and I love the pops of neon green and blue which add colour to a plain top.

Another accessory that I'm currently wearing every minute of the day is my daughter Summer who is unbelievably clingy at the moment.

I think that's all the little things that I've been loving this week, I really enjoyed writing this post and hopefully you enjoyed reading it, please let me know if you did and you'd like to see this every week on here.



  1. So glad you joined the gang Ems! :) Love all your little loves this week poppet - Summer is so sweet, she makes the perfect accessory i think! Please do keep joining in-love you lots&am excited to read how your week has been each Friday! xx

    1. Aww thanks Em, you inspired me to start joining in and I really enjoyed writing this post :) Love you too and I'm missing your beautiful blog posts already :( Hope you're having lots of fun with the kids though xxxx

  2. That chilli bowl looks yum, definitely going to have to try that! And that necklace is gorgeous. Enjoy the weekend x

  3. Oh Emma, I literally don't know where to start, I love everything about this post!
    We are big Hannibal fans too. I've not watched this weeks yet as my husbands been away, can't wait to catch up with it!
    That Hairy Dieters recipe is one of our faves too, I love the tortilla bowls, yum.
    I love your necklace, must head on over to New Look and take a look.
    So pleased you've joined in, have a lovely weekend! xx

  4. This is a great round up! I love the necklace! I really couldn't pull anything like that off, but it really is lovely! Your chilli salad bowl looks amazing! First time Ive heard this song and I am instantly drawn to it! Great choice #littlelove

  5. That chilli bowl looks yummy and I love the necklace it's so pretty. I hope Summer's clingy-ness eases soon! Abby is the same I think it's a girl thing cos my boys were so easy!

  6. The recipe looks amazing, we love Mexican food. And I love the Baby Garvin blog too. x

  7. I've read The Missing by Jane Casey and really enjoyed it but not this one so maybe one for the list? Like the look of the chilli bowl. We cook with turkey mince a lot but I've not used it to make chilli. Again, one for the list! Emma

  8. Hi Emma - I think now you've joined in Little Loves once you'll probably become addicted to it too! It's so much fun to round up all the best bits of your week and I think it makes you more aware of wearing, listening, reading and making lovely things each week so you can share :-) I love a bit of crime fiction too I must say and I love your necklace - I really want to get a statement necklace too but I never quite know what kind of statement I want to make! Have a great weekend hon X

  9. A lovely #LittleLoves roundup ... I joined in 6 weeks ago and I really look forward to rounding up the week on a Thursday night or Friday morning. Love the necklace and agree that your little one is the perfect accessory x

  10. That book looks right down my street! Will be next in my list if I ever finish my current book!! I'm off to new look in the morning with my fingers crossed they still have that it, and your second accessory is adorable xx

  11. Very pretty necklace, I'm developing a bit of a statement necklace obsession and New Look do some lovely ones (I've got the same top too, it's fab and seems to go with everything!)
    The chilli salad bowls look great! xx


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