Thursday, 31 July 2014

Me & Mine - July

This month we had a lovely holiday in Filey, it's somewhere we go every year without fail as my husband has been going there since he was a child and it holds many special family memories for him. He took me to Filey when we first got together and it instantly became a special place for us too so we've kept the tradition going and now it's our family's special place, the kids love it there even the dog loves it. I know it's somewhere we'll go every year of our lives and I hope our children continue this tradition with their families too.

So this month's photo is a special one because it was taken in Filey and it was one of those moments when a random stranger walking past offers to take your photo and you say yes out of politeness but you're pretty sure the photo will be rubbish, however when I checked the photo afterwards I was pleasently surprised. It's not a perfect photo, the kids aren't smiling but I really love it and I love that it was taken in our special place on a bench that always reminds Ian of his grandad.

dear beautiful



  1. Aww missus, this is gorgeous wee fmaily shot of you guys and what a special place to have it taken too! xx

  2. WOW what a stunning family portrait. I love it. Your two little ones are absolutely adorable and remiond me so much of my own two with the blonde curls and bright blue eyes. Gorgeous little family here! #me&mine

  3. Such a gorgeous photo, they are so beautiful with their lovely blond hair! The random stranger did good! x

  4. Awww such a lovely photos! You all look really chilled out! :) xxx

  5. What a gorgeous family photo, I love Filey. We often went as children and it holds special memories for us too :) #meandmine

  6. Awww, such a lovely photograph, and I love that it has such sentimental value for you. We were a bit sentimental with ours this month too... and up in the same neck of the woods as well. Family photos are always special, but it's amazing when they can be taken somewhere that really means something to you as a family. x


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