Monday, 21 July 2014

Potty Training Live 2014 Week 2 - Taking Off The Nappy

Welcome to week 2 of my Potty Training Live 2014 posts.

Ok so you've done all of the preparation and you're sure that your child is ready for potty training so this week I'm going to be talking about probably the scariest part of potty training (for me anyway) taking off the nappy.

However there are a few things that you should make sure you have before taking that all important step

Make sure you have lots and lots of pants because you will be changing them frequently so you don't want to run out and have to resort to going back to nappies. Let your child choose the pants, this will make them more fun and appealing when it comes to wearing them, Riley chose Monsters University and dinosaur pants.

Make sure you have a reward chart ready with lots of stickers and little treats to give to your child when they are doing well with staying dry. Riley responded brilliantly to reward charts and would volunteer to go to the toilet just so that he could put another star on his chart, it made sure he was going regularly which meant less accidents.

Make sure your child is dressed in clothing which is easy to pull up and down to make life much easier and quicker when they need to go, I dressed Riley in tracksuit bottoms or if we were home just left his trousers off so he only had his pants to deal with when going to the toilet. Avoid belts at all costs, by the time you've undone them they'll have probably already wet themselves so belts are a big no no.

And of course remember to stock up on Dry Like Me Potty Training Pads to keep the mess from accidents to a minimum.

So once you have all of the above plus all of the items from my Week 1 post you're ready to take the plunge and remove the nappy. Plan when you're going to do it and just go for it, it's really important to remember that there will be accidents, lots of accidents infact but don't worry it's totally normal and it's how they learn to stay dry.

I know it's difficult sometimes but try not to get annoyed with your little one if they have lots of accidents as it can make them think negatively about potty training and also increase their anxiety about it which in turn will just lead to more accidents. Remember lots of positive encouragement for staying dry and calmly remind them what they need to do when they have an accident.

My last piece of advice is to persevere, once that nappy is off you need to resist the urge to put it back on when you hit your 15th pair of wet pants, hang on in there, the first few days are the worst but all of a sudden it seems to click so going back to nappies would just confuse matters.

Good luck and if you're potty training now please let me know how you're getting on.



  1. I remember potty training Stacey well. It once took us 8 hours to get to Great Yarmouth because we had to keep stopping so she could use the potty! Lol.

    I often wonder if I should be letting Oscar use a potty now, even though he's only 14 months because he knows when he needs to poop and will come and lay down at the side of me for comfort?!

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  2. Good luck with it, it sounds like you're well prepared! Plus at least it's warm out so pants dry quicker! :D I've seen a lot of parents give up after the 3rd accident, which is really frustrating!
    I haven't seen potty training pads before, but they seem like a fab idea, much better alternative to pull-ups! (Which are not much better than nappies imo!!) #Sundaybest

  3. great tips, we aren't there yet, Monkey just isn't quite ready, though he is on his way so I am storing up as many tips and as much advice as possible! xx #sundaybest

  4. I was lucky with my son he was super easy. My twins are 13 months old - think it's going to be a whole diff ball game when they're ready! #sundaybest

  5. We have just got our three year old dry in the day -still haven't cracked number 2s or nights but I'm sure that will happen when he's ready. Great tips! #sundaybest

  6. Good luck. I found star charts work amazingly well and got all 3 of my boys potty trained with them. Wish I had known about those training pads back then, they look like a great idea


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