Thursday, 10 July 2014

Siblings - July

This last month has seen Riley and Summer continue to grow closer and their blossoming friendship is something that I find wonderfully fulfilling to watch. 

Now that Summer is almost walking Riley loves to hold her hands and help her walk around the house, they spend ages walking round and round the dining table giggling and I can't help but laugh too when I hear them, it's infectious.

I can see that Summer wants to be just like her big brother and loves to try and copy everything he does, she also tries her best to copy what he says too which is super cute.

Riley and Summer also got to spend some time with their step sister Natalie as it was her 16th birthday and we had a little party to celebrate which the kids all loved.

We go on holiday soon so hopefully I'll have some lovely photos of the kids together for next months post which I'm sure will creep up on me in no time.

dear beautiful


  1. Gorgeous photos! Its so sweet that Riley is trying to help her walk! They look so close.

    1. Thanks Amy! They're so cute together but they do have the occasional fall out as all siblings do :) xx

  2. I hope you have a lovely holiday. That's so sweet of Riley helping his little sister x

  3. Ahh lovely photos! They look so alike :)

    Jess xo

  4. Oh my gosh, they are so sweet! This makes me want a brother or sister for Ethan as soon as possible! You must be so proud Emma :) x

  5. Oh I just love the one of Riley helping Summer to walk - that's so sweet and so caring - what a lovely big brother!

  6. oh what lovely photos i love ones of siblings helping the other to walk melts my heart ;)

  7. Beautiful. Your children have the loveliest blue eyes and Riley has the cutest hair too! x

  8. Lovely photos, how sweet that Riley helps Summer walk, I'm sure my daughter just used to push my son over!!

  9. Oh what a gorgeous little pair they are, he looks like such a lovely big brother. Just adorable. x


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