Sunday, 20 July 2014

Summer's Birth Story

I originally posted this on my beauty blog back when that was the only blog I had and I thought this post would be much better suited on here. I'm so happy to say that after a horrible experience when I gave birth to my son Riley this time everything went smoothly and I had the birth experience that I really wanted.

After being induced when I was pregnant with my son I really wanted to go in to labour naturally this time but after going over my due date which was the 8th March 2013 I had resigned myself to the fact that I was going to have to be induced on the 20th March, however my little princess had other ideas and she decided to surprise me at 5.30 am on  Sunday 17th March when my contractions started. I wasn't sure at first if they were contractions but as they continued to come on a regular basis I started to think "Omg! This could be it!" I sat for a while on my birthing ball breathing through the contractions and then decided to have a bath because that's what the midwife advises you to do when you go in to labour, the bath helped ease the contractions a bit and I decided to text my Mum and tell her what was happening as it was now 8.30 am and she was going to come to the hospital with me and my husband.

At around this point I remembered that I hadn't finished packing everything I needed in my hospital bag as I wasn't prepared to be in labour at this point, I then couldn't think straight about what still needed to be packed, meanwhile my husband was going in to panic mode, flapping around everywhere and telling me not to panic lol. At around 9.30 am I decided I had better start timing how far apart my contractions were and they were every 4 minutes so I thought I better ring the hospital and find out when I needed to go in, what I wasn't prepared for was the fact that everytime I tried to ring the hospital the phone was engaged and after about the 6th time of trying I started to freak out a bit, my husband tried a few times with no luck and my Mum thought we should just go to the hospital but I'd got visions of us getting there and then being told to go home again and it's a good 30 min drive away so I really didn't want to be going backwards and forwards. After a few more tries we finally got through and the midwife told me it was time to come to the hospital.

As far as my birth plan was concerned I'd decided that I wanted to have as few drugs as possible, I had every drug going when I was having Riley and it made me physically sick and feel so ill that I couldn't even hold Riley when he was born so I was determined things were going to be different this time. I hired a tens machine and my plan was to use that and gas and air for as long as I could and if they didn't work then I'd have an epidural, there was no way I was going to have diamorphine again no matter what. I put the tens machine on before we left for the hospital and it worked really well at distracting from the pain of my contractions, especially as I could press a boost button when I was having a contraction. 

We arrived at the hospital at around 10.30 am and the midwife gave me some paracetamol and codeine and asked me if I wanted some gas and air as they don't consider a tens machine a form of pain relief but I said I was fine for the moment, she then went on to examine me which hurt a lot and told me I was 3-4 cm dilated and I needed to keep moving around as I needed my contractions to be stronger and more regular so we decided to go for a walk around the hospital. The walking definitely helped to progress things as after about 10 mins, whilst walking down a hospital corridor my waters broke all over the floor. My contractions started to get stronger at this point so we went back to the room and I sat on the birthing ball as I wanted to stay upright so that gravity could give the baby a helping hand and also I found that my contractions hurt 10 times more if I was lying on the bed.

After a few more hours the midwife felt that things still needed to be progressing a bit quicker so she examined me again and  told me I was 4-5 cm dilated and although some of my waters had broken there was still some left so she decided to break the rest of my waters and things really started to feel like they were moving then. At that point I felt that the tens machine wasn't quite enough on its own so I started to use the gas and air which to be honest doesn't really take the pain away but it does make you focus on your breathing which helps to distract your mind away from the pain a bit.

At around 3.30 pm my contractions were really painful and I was nearing my limit of how much pain I could handle, I was now kneeling on the bed and leaning over the back of it and the midwife said it looked like I was nearing the end now so she examined me and then told me the heartbreaking news that I was in fact still only 5 cm dilated! That was when I had my massive meltdown moment, I think all women have them at some point during labour, it's that point where you think I can't do this! I was so upset because I really thought I was ready to push and to be told I was only 5 cm was just horrifying and all I could think was I want an epidural. The midwife went to check if there was anyone available to give me an epidural and there wasn't which I'm really glad about now as I didn't really need one and I think the midwife thought that too.

About 15 mins later I had a massive contraction which ended in me having an overwhelming urge to push, my husband noticed that I looked like I was pushing and told the midwife so she thought she'd just examine me again to be on the safe side and found that I was 10 cm dilated and ready to start pushing! The midwives took the gas and air off me as they needed me to hold my breath whilst pushing and at 4.23 pm my beautiful baby girl was born, she was perfect and at 8lbs 9oz a really good size. 

Chunky monkey!

I held her straight away and because I'd had no drugs throughout my labour I felt absolutely fine and couldn't wait for my tea and toast lol. I needed some stitches but apart from that I was fine, I was so happy that I'd had a good birth experience this time, Summer was happy throughout the labour and as I'd had no drugs she was very alert and fed well straight away. I was really proud of myself for doing it with just gas and air and the tens machine as I'd always thought I'd have an epidural, it kind of makes you feel like if you got through that you can get through anything.

My hubby holding Summer for the first time.
I hope that wasn't too long and boring, I did leave some parts out so it wouldn't be too long like the fact that I was screaming like a maniac when my contractions were at their strongest, after I'd had Summer I wondered why there were screwed up tissues all over the floor of the room and apparently it was because I'd been blowing my nose as I had a cold at the time and then just throwing the tissues in every direction and how I'd been shouting that I wanted to do a poo lol.

So there you have it, Summer's birth story! Would I do it again? No thanks lol 2 children is enough for me now. Our beautiful little family is complete.



  1. Beautiful baby!
    I agree two children is enough for us as well!

  2. Such a beautiful baby!!! #MySundayBest

  3. Gorgeous photos of you both and I will never tire of reading other people's birth stories especially cause I had c-sections so I just can't imagine not knowing when your baby will come! x

    1. Thanks Katie! I love a good birth story too xx

  4. Aw, what a gorgeous little girl. Congratulations to you all.


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