Friday, 1 August 2014

Love The Little Things #3

I love writing this post so much and hopefully you like reading it, here's what I've been loving this week.


This week and for quite a few weeks now I've been reading Baby Boy Bakery blog. I think Jacqui is a truly inspirational person, she has been through and is still going through every mother's worst nightmare, the loss of a child. I find the way she is coping with such utter sadness absolutely inspiring, it's not an easy blog to read at times because it's so sad yet so positive in ways too but I recommend you pop over and take a look, especially if you're dealing with something similar as I think it would really help.


I've been recording Keeping Up With The Kardashians and the last few days I've been having a bit of a marathon catching up with them. I know the Kardashians are the kind of people you either love or hate and a lot of people hate them but I personally love them, although my favourite person in the show is Kourtney's boyfriend Scott, I think he's hilarious.


As the weather has still been so nice I've continued wearing dresses and this week I've favoured my maxi dress from New Look. It's really comfortable to wear and doesn't give you white strap marks in your tan which I hate lol.


I've loved Justin Timberlake since way back in his Nsync days and I love most of his songs but I've really enjoyed listening to this one lately.

Also the kids have really been loving music this last week and they love to go crazy dancing and jumping on the sofa, this song by Calvin Harris seems to be one of their favourites plus it's called Summer which is my daughter's name so it's a double winner.


This week we made Lemony Lamb Kebabs with rice and minty low fat yogurt and it was delicious, the perfect dinner for warm summer evenings.

That's all my little loves for this week, what have you been loving?




  1. I'm a closet Kardashian fan.It's my guilty pleasure when hubby is at work and Scott is my favourite too he has some fab one liners. Loveyour maxi dress it's super cute,

  2. Oooo! I love your maxi dress! Stunning. x

  3. Yum! Those lamb kebabs look amazing! I love your dress and I am a huge fan of KUWTK! Great #littleloves this week xx

  4. Another lovely #littleloves roundup. They are all so good this week. Love the food. Love the dress. Love the music (my favourites too). Have a great weekend x

  5. Ooh those kebabs look yum and your dress is just gorgeous - you cannot beat a maxi dress in the hot weather. Have a lovely weekend xx

  6. Those Lamb Kebabs look delicious! Dress is beautiful, I must have a look at that blog #littleloves, have a great weekend xxx

  7. Gorgeous maxi dress, I hate strap lines too so a sleeveless little number is always a great option! x


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