Thursday, 21 August 2014

Summer Time Fun With Home Bargains

A few weeks ago Home Bargains were kind enough to send over some fab products for us to use during the summer holidays and Riley was very excited when he saw what we had received.

We were sent

Adult beach towel - £5.99
Summer beach bat set - £1.99
Nivea sun lotion - £3.99
Ambre Solaire - £1.99
Sponge Bob armbands – 89p
Xpel mosquito repellent wipes – 89p
Swim kickboard - £2.99
Paddling pool - £3.49
Luggage tag – 59p
Xpel insect repellent spray – 89p

The kids absolutely loved the paddling pool and spend ages in there on really sunny days playing and laughing together. I love the nautical beach towel as I'm a little obsessed with nautical items so that was a winner for me, the sun cream and insect repellent were perfect for our holidays and is such a good price and the swim kick board and armbands will be brilliant for when Riley learns to swim.

Home Bargains is definitely one of my favourite shops for great quality items at really reasonable prices.

Do you shop at Home Bargains?


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