Sunday, 3 August 2014

The Ordinary Moments - Father & Son

When I found out I was pregnant with our first child I knew straight away that I wanted it to be a boy, partly because I felt very strongly that it was a boy and I wanted my instincts to be right but also because I knew Ian would love to have a son.

He was over the moon when we had our 20 week scan and it was confirmed that were having a boy and since the day he was born Riley and Daddy have been the best of friends.

Riley loves to be outside as does Ian and he loves to help Ian with his jobs like gardening, the pair of them took a trip to B&Q to get some plants and when they got back I took the chance to capture some images as they planted them, it really warms my heart to see them together.

Riley listens so intently to everything his Daddy says and he loves it when Ian tells him he's done a great job. He always likes to make Ian proud.

It's ordinary moments like this that make life special and I feel lucky to have such an amazing husband and beautiful children.



  1. Ahhh bless lovely that they are planting together. Lovely photos captured here. It's always cute to see father and son bonding. #ordinarymoments

  2. Aww pretty flowers and they look like they were having a lovely time together planting them up!

  3. Aww how sweet is this! Father & son doing a project together. Love it. x

  4. Ah such sweet photos and so lovely to see their father and son bond. I do wonder what my hubby would have been like with a son, I can't imagine it now because I only know him as a Daddy to daughters. I know I say it every time but your son has such gorgeous hair! x

  5. Aww this is so sweet. What lovely way to have Father and Son time!


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