Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Siblings - September

I missed out on last months siblings post as my laptop charger broke and I wasn't able to blog so this month I'm using some photos from the last couple of months as I had taken some lovely photos of Riley and Summer together on our holiday in Filey.

They're relationship continues to grow and Riley is getting more and more protective of Summer as time goes by, he's very affectionate with her and loves to put his arm around her and give her a kiss which is so adorable to see.

Summer completely idolizes Riley and has to copy everything he does, she wants to be just like him. 

Riley started school full time this week and Summer has really missed him being around to play with however she's also enjoyed having some one on one time with me which she doesn't get very often.

I love their special bond and look forward to writing this post every month and seeing how their relationship develops, I hope they're always this close.

dear beautiful


  1. Lovely - I love the casual arm around her, natural sibling love x

  2. Oh, I love the little cuddles. Gorgeous photos x

  3. Ah you can really see how close they are in these photos, gorgeous! x

  4. OMG adorable!!! I love ALL of these photos but especially the ones with Riley's arm around her. That is so precious!
    I always wanted a big brother! xx

  5. Aww those big brother cuddles are just so sweet, I love how protective of her he is!

  6. Lovely photos - this post has made me long for summer! #FlashbackFriday

  7. These photos are lovely. I can't wait for Lamb to a have a sibling to look after and love unconditionally xx #FlashbackFriday

  8. Aww I absolutely love the photos. They are so adorable. There is 11 years between my two monkeys but they love eachother so much and I love capturing it in photos. Thanks so much for linking up to #FlashbackFriday - hope to see you pop over again xx


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