Friday, 31 October 2014

A Spooky Half Term With Our Flora Creepy Crate

This half term we were lucky enough to be sent a Creepy Crate from Flora which was filled to the brim with spooky decorations, crafts and Halloween costumes to keep my kids entertained all week long.

Inside the Creepy Crate was a Halloween Fun Pack which had lots of fun Halloween games, craft ideas, recipes and pumpkin stencils and has been a godsend for keeping the kids entertained this week.

Over the course of the week we've had lots of fun making Halloween themed treats, dressing up, carving pumpkins and colouring in, the kids have loved every minute of it.

We made some super yummy treats including Creepy Crispy Squares and Pumpkin and Orange Spider Muffins, Riley and Summer loved making them but loved eating them even more.

If you'd like to join in with some Halloween fun then pop over to the Flora website and download their Halloween Fun Pack.

Happy Halloween!


Thursday, 30 October 2014

Halloween Decor

Every year we put our Halloween decorations up at the beginning of October, a little early some might think but the kids love it and to be honest so do I. I try and get a couple of new decorations each year and this time I got some from a lovely website called Country Baskets, they sell all kinds of decorations for the home, for parties and for occasions like Halloween and Christmas all at really reasonable prices. 

Here's what we got from Country Baskets

The kids love the Eerie Eyes Popcorn In A Bag decoration, it's something that's really different but looks very effective and is a bargain at just £1.15.

The Terracotta Friendly Jack O Lantern LED decoration is super cute and looks great all lit up in the evening.

I love the Pumpkin with black spots as it's a modern twist on a traditional pumpkin decoration.

The Glam Skull Black Glitter decoration looks great on our fireplace and is a fab addition to our Halloween decor.

If you're thinking it's a little late to order them for this years Halloween why not order them ready for next year and grab a bargain. Country Baskets also have some gorgeous Christmas items available so be sure to go and check them out.


Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The ABC To Keeping Your Baby Healthy With Dettol

I was recently sent some products from Dettol to try out along with some very interesting information on how to keep your baby healthy which is something I'm sure you will agree all of us mums want to do.

Research has shown that baby blankets and clothes can carry harmful bacteria, even after being washed at 40°C1, meaning that bacteria such as coliforms – a group of bacteria linked to faeces – can be spread from the washing machine straight to newborns.  The bacteria from these contaminated items can also stay alive on hands for up to three hours2 and can therefore be transferred to other items around the home.
As a baby’s immune system only begins to produce its own antibodies at two to three months old3, they are most susceptible to infections at this time. Mums and mums-to-be are being encouraged to take straightforward measures to ensure that all materials and surfaces that come into contact with their newborn are hygienically cleaned to help prevent them falling ill.
Dettol has provided a simple 3-step guide to help expectant and new parents ensure their homes are fully prepared for the arrival of their newborn.

The ABC to keeping your baby healthy:

A is for... Additional anti-bacterial protection
Ensure that you use anti-bacterial cleaning products around the home that are suitable for use around baby, whilst removing potentially harmful bacteria.
B is for... Beware of bacteria
Before preparing bottles, wash your hands with a good anti-bacterial hand wash to remove up to 99.9% of bacteria. Bacteria can thrive in warm areas and multiplies fastest at 37 degrees4 – human body temperature.
C is for... Clean hygienically
Make sure all materials and surfaces that come into contact with baby are washed hygienically to help remove coliforms, including changing mats, bottle preparation areas, baby clothes and bed linen.

Dettol has a range of products which help to keep your baby healthy:
Dettol Anti-bacterial Laundry Cleanser is an additive proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria even when washing your baby’s laundry at temperatures below 30°C.
Dettol Anti-bacterial Surface Cleanser Spray and Wipes are bleach-free so are safe to use around baby and kill 99.9% of bacteria on surfaces such as bottle preparation areas and changing mats.
Dettol with E45 Softness is a dual-action solution, which kills 99.9% of bacteria at every wash and keeps your hands feeling soft and cleansed.

Another study that Dettol conducted involved bacteria in lunchboxes which is a concern for me as my son takes a packed lunch to school.

Lunchboxes potential breeding grounds for bacteria

Research carried out by the Dettol Back to School Study shows that only 48 per cent of parents clean and disinfect their child's lunchbox every day. [1]  This means crumbs can build up and the lunch box can become a breeding ground for bacteria such as E.coli, salmonella and staphylococcus aureus. However, a quick wipe with a dishcloth may not help as research has found that nine out of ten dishcloths in the UK are ‘heavily contaminated’ with bacteria. 2
Lunchboxes often remain in warm conditions in schoolbags for hours, without being refrigerated, meaning that they are in the room temperature ‘danger zone’ where bacteria multiplies most rapidly, increasing the risk of food poisoning. In these conditions, one bacterium such as salmonella could become several million in just eight hours. 3
In order to help reduce the risk of foodborne tummy bugs, Dettol has compiled three easy top tips for parents to follow: 

  • Pack frozen water bottles into the lunchbox as freezer packs. This will cool down the food inside, helping to prevent it from hitting the danger zone, and the water should be ready to drink by lunch time.
  • After lunch, children should be encouraged to discard all leftover perishable food and packaging, emptying crumbs straight into the bin. Avoid reusing packaging such as sandwich bags and tinfoil because they could contaminate other food.
  • Wipe down the lunchbox with an antibacterial wipe, such as Dettol Anti-bacterial Cleansing Surface Wipes, before packing in order to kill 99.9% of bacteria.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Caring For The Environment From Home

Caring for the environment is something that I think is very important and I make a conscious effort everyday to do my best to be as 'green' as possible. I also like to set a good example to my children so that it becomes the norm to them and will be something that they carry on in their adult lives. So what can we do to care for the environment? The people over at Mark Group have just released this really useful infographic which gives lots of great tips and advice on how we can all be a bit more conscious of what we're doing in our everyday lives, so if you care about the environment then give it a read and see if there is anything you could be doing differently.

Newborn Baby Gift Guide

While I've been searching the internet for gifts for my children I've come across lots of adorable ideas for newborn babies and although my two are no longer newborns I thought I'd share some of them with you to help out anyone who is shopping for a baby this Christmas.

The red striped sleepsuit and jacket set is from Petit Bateau, it's so cute and the colours are perfect for Christmas, I also like the fact that it's reversible as that means you can mix it up a bit.

The My 1st Christmas bauble is from Getting Personal and is a lovely gift for a newborn, it can also be personalised which makes it even more special.

The bibs are from Mothercare and are great gift as the baby can wear them on Christmas Day and Boxing Day plus they look super cute.

Speaking of super cute the Reindeer Baby Booties are adorable and would be a perfect for a boy or girl for Christmas, you can get them from My 1st Years and you can also have them personalised.

The My 1st Christmas personalised cup is another lovely keepsake and would make a great gift for a baby, this is from Not On The High Street.

Lastly every baby needs a Christmas stocking and I love the tartan ones from Mamas & Papas, it would look adorable hanging on the fireplace every year.


Monday, 27 October 2014

Easy Lamb Tagine

My husband loves to cook and we love trying out new recipes, we recently found a super easy Lamb Tagine recipe on the Flora website and couldn't wait to give it a try.

We'd never made a tagine before mostly because I thought you actually needed to own a Moroccan Tagine to cook it in but you don't, all you need is a casserole dish that has a lid or if like us you don't even have a lid just cover with foil.

The Lamb Tagine is basically like a casserole but with a tomato based sauce, the lamb is tossed in Middle Eastern Spices which makes it super tasty and the dried fruit add a lovely sweetness to the dish.

I was a little unsure about adding the dried fruit to the recipe as I wasn't sure if I was going to like it but I'm glad we did because it really was delicious, the paprika adds a lovely warmth to the tagine making it the perfect meal for these cold Autumn days.

We had ours with rice and some crusty bread but you could also have couscous with it for something more traditional. If you would like to give this recipe and lots of others a try then pop over to the Flora website where you'll find recipes for every occasion.


This post was sponsored by Flora but all opinions are 100% honest and my own.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Spooky Halloween Party Treats

Halloween is a big deal in our house and every year we have a Halloween party for all the children in our families, I'm always on the lookout for cute, spooky treats to serve at the party and this year I thought I'd try out two ideas that I found on Pinterest.

We were sent some Hartley's Monster Jelly to help us out with our party treats, jelly is the perfect dessert for Halloween as it's so versatile you can pretty much do anything with it and it comes in a range of colours, here's what we did with ours.

The first thing we made were these super cute Halloween dessert pots

Here's what you need to make them

 Some clear plastic cups
A black Sharpie pen
A packet of Orange flavour Hartley's Jelly
Some plain vanilla yogurt
A selection of food colourings
Chocolate sprinkles

Use the Sharpie to draw spooky faces on the cups, I chose to do pumpkins, Frankenstein, Dracula, a ghost, a skeleton and an eyeball but you can use your imagination and pretty much do anything you want.

Next you need to make up the Orange jelly as that needs plenty of time to set in the fridge, pour it into the cups with the pumpkin faces and pop in the fridge.

When the jelly is almost set you can start on the yogurt, I used plain yogurt for the ghost and the skeleton and then I put green food colouring in the yogurt for Frankenstein, purple food colouring for the eyeball and a tiny hint of black food colouring in the yogurt for Dracula to give him a slightly grey appearance.

Top the Frankenstein and Dracula pots with sprinkles to look like hair and they're done.

I think they're a great, spooky little dessert option for our party that the kids will love and are super easy to make.

We also made Wriggly Jelly Worms with the Lime flavour Hartley's Jelly which was loads of fun to make and surprisingly easy. All you do is make up the jelly as normal but add a little gelatin aswell to make the jelly firmer and then pack some drinking straws tightly into a tall glass and pour the jelly into the straws. 

Leave it to fully set in the fridge and then to get the jelly out of the straws all you do is run them under warm water for a couple of seconds and they should slide out quite easily. To display them I just crushed up some Oreo's to look like soil and popped the worms on top and you've got a gross but tasty Halloween dessert.

Let me know if you've tried any of these desserts and also tell me if there's anything else we should try making with jelly this Halloween.


Friday, 24 October 2014

Kitchen Wishlist

We're hoping to do some major redecorating next year and transform the whole ground floor of our house, we're wanting to knock the wall down between the kitchen and dining room which would give us a huge open plan kitchen/dining and living space.

We're going to strip the kitchen back and completely start again which means all new cabinets, appliances, tiles and flooring. I've spent many an hour on Pinterest looking for kitchen inspiration and I've started to put together a wishlist which I thought I'd share with you today.

We love the American Fridge Freezers and we think this Panasonic one would be perfect, they have so much more space to work with and I love the water and ice dispenser.

We're planning on having white shaker style cabinets with a grey quartz worktop and white metro tiles, our colour scheme for the whole kitchen is white, grey and yellow which I think will look really contemporary and fresh.

We've always wanted a Range Cooker and we fell in love with this Slate Grey Rangemaster Professional, it's going to be a feature in our kitchen and will make cooking for our large families so much easier.

We're thinking white dining furniture to keep everywhere light and bright and we'll continue the yellow and grey decor through to the dining area too.

We'll need a new Microwave Oven aswell so we're sticking with Panasonic and going for this one as we feel they're a good quality brand that we can trust.

That's as far as we've got so far, let me know what you think.


Thursday, 23 October 2014

F&F's Autumn Baby Range

If you're a regular reader of my blog then you'll know that I'm a little bit obsessed with F&F baby clothes, the designs are always on trend and super cute, the quality is great and the price is really affordable. They have new items in store on a regular basis and I can't resist having a little browse around the clothing section every time I go in Tesco.

Their Autumn baby girls range is absolutely adorable, the clothes feature lots of super cute woodland animals including deers and squirrels, the colour palette is mostly dusky pinks and creams with a hint of mustard which is my favourite colour this season.

I've picked out a few of my favourite items to give you a closer look and these are available to buy in Tesco right now.

Out of all of the supermarket clothing ranges I genuinely think that F&F have the best items on offer both for design and quality, I can't recommend them enough. 

Check out my Instagram for more photos of Summer in these outfits.


We were sent items from the F&F range for review but all thoughts and opinions are 100% honest and my own.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Ideas for an Autumn Newborn Photo Shoot

If you’ve arranged a photo shoot for your newborn baby around this time of year, you’ve no doubt thought about ways in which you can incorporate the beautiful season of their birth into the snaps. Or, if you haven’t booked one yet and are thinking about it, this is definitely a great theme to go with if you do.
We’ve come up with some ideas for your autumn newborn photo shoot to make the photos even more beautiful!
Use autumnal props
Include elements of the season in with your photos, by using seasonal items that are specific to autumn. This can be anything you can think of, from nods to nature; such as leaves, pine cones, conkers and apples; to things you like to do in autumn or places you like to go. Companies like Venture Photography will have a wealth of props up their sleeve so will be able to help you think of new ideas and will have access to lots of different kinds of props.

Opt for a Halloween or Bonfire night theme
Thinking about the events in autumn is a great idea for getting seasonal specific photos, and can give your photos a really sweet element too. Two big events in autumn include Halloween and Bonfire night, which can be incorporated into the photos fairly easily. Whether you opt for props like pumpkins or a backdrop with fireworks on it, using an event is a great way to add a timescale to your photos, so you can remember just how teeny they were at their first Halloween, etc.
Get them all cosy and snug in lovely materials
Wrapping them up in a big cosy blanket will make for some absolutely adorable photos, and will of course keep them happy and snug too! We love the selection of different fabrics on this website, especially the furs, and there are lots of other newborn baby photography props on there that are worth checking out as well.

Use an autumnal colour palette
The colours you opt for will really make the photo have a true autumnal feel, and you’re in luck as the colours of autumn are truly stunning and work surprisingly well with a newborn photography shoot. From greens, oranges, reds and earthy browns to even things like deep purple and blues, make use of the beautiful colour palette of the season and work it against a simple backdrop to make the photos striking yet simple, with baby stealing the show.
Head outdoors (or bring the outdoors in)
If it’s too cold to head outdoors with your little bundle of joy for the shoot, bring it indoors! Use elements of nature and bring them inside for your shoot, or talk to your photographer about effects they can create in terms of weather and other seasonal settings. Chat to your photographer about what you want to achieve from the photos and see if you can work together to make your vision happen!


Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Half Term Autumn Activities

It's always nice to have some activities planned when it's half term as there's nothing worse than bored children so I thought it would be good to find some fun things to do with your little ones this Autumn.

We love going for long walks especially during Autumn as the scenery is so beautiful so we quite fancy visiting the Isle of Wight Walking Festival this year. With 500 miles of footpaths through fields, forests and coastline it has some dramatic scenery on offer. 

There's something for everyone including a Tiny Tot's and Toddlers Tea Party, a Fossil Hunting Guided Tour and Walking With Alpacas. The weekend runs from the 24th October to the 26th October and looks like lots of fun for all the family.

As Halloween falls during half term for most of us there are lots of fun events happening, we're thinking about going to Starlight Halloween at Crich Tramway Village where there will be ghosts, witches and skeletons hiding in trees, a special tram decked out in Halloween decorations, scary lighting effects and a spooky woodland walk. 

The event runs from the 25th October until the 2nd November.

There is also bonfire night coming up and although the kids will be back at school then I thought I'd include it as it's always a fun event to attend in Autumn. We normally go to one just down the road run by the local scouts group but I think this year we might try the Superheroes vs Monsters Bonfire and Fireworks Festival at Twin Lakes. It's hosted by Gem106 breakfast presenters Sam and Amy and is a uniquely themed bonfire and fireworks display, there's live entertainment, an 80 ft bonfire and lots of fireworks.

It's on the 8th November and you need to pre-book as there are limited spaces available.

Hope this helps to make Autumn half term lots of fun for you and your children.


Monday, 20 October 2014

Halloween At Build-A-Bear Workshop

My children love Build-A-Bear Workshop and they also love Halloween so the two combined make them very happy. We like to get well and truly in the spirit of Halloween and of course that means decorating the house and dressing up but that's not just for us it also includes Riley and Summer's toys.

Build-A-Bear Workshop have some super cute Halloween soft toys and outfits so that your teddy bears can join in the fun too.

We were lucky enough to be sent the Moons-A-Glow Werewolf wearing the glow in the dark skeleton costume and we absolutely love him. He's super soft and cuddly and his ears and paws have glow in the dark moons and stars, he even has little fangs. The skeleton costume is adorable and also glows in the dark and the kids have played with him non-stop since he arrived.

Also available is the Stars-A-Glow Kitty and the Build-A-Bear Buddies Little Luck Kitty along with several gorgeous costumes to dress them in. I love the pumpkin costume, it looks so cute.

If you're looking for a treat for your children this half term why not take them to a Build-A-Bear Workshop where they can help to create their very own spooky soft toy for Halloween.


Ideas For Summer's Toddler Bedroom

The time is fast approaching that my little baby girl Summer will no longer need her cot and that makes me feel quite sad, especially as we know that we're not having anymore babies. She loves to get in Riley's bed and I know that she would love a proper bed of her own so I've been looking at beds and bedroom furniture for her room so that we can make it a little more grown up for her, here's what I've chosen so far.

I love the fresh clean look of white furniture and it will look gorgeous in her room as it's already painted a very pale pink. I think instead of getting her a toddler bed we're going to go straight for a full sized bed from and then just put a bedside on for a while so she doesn't fall out, this will save us buying another bed at a later date.

I love the bed set from Dunelm as it has lots of super cute dogs on it and Summer is obsessed with dogs at the moment. I also like how the background colour of the bed set is pale blue as it means that her room doesn't end up too pink as sometimes I find it can look too much.

I think the little desk is really cute and perfect for Summer to sit at and colour and the dolls house bookcase is a really lovely idea for keeping her books tidy, the desk and bookcase are both from GLTC.

Although Summer would probably like me to get her a bed immediately I'm going to make her wait a little longer as I'm not quite ready for my baby to grow up just yet, maybe after Christmas I'll have gotten my head around it a bit more or maybe she'll still be in a cot when she's five years old lol.

Did you struggle with your youngest child growing up too fast?


Saturday, 18 October 2014

Our Fun Day At The Cornerhouse Nottingham

Last weekend we were invited along with some other lovely bloggers to The Cornerhouse in Nottingham where we were treated to a special screening of The Muppets Most Wanted in Cineworld.

The event was to promote Cineworld's Movies For Juniors which is something I knew nothing about but is brilliant for parents of young children. Cineworld have discounted weekly screenings of kids films for just £1.50 per person which is amazing and saves a fortune for a family of 4, screenings take place most weekend and school holiday mornings and if your kids want snacks during the film a Munchbox which contains popcorn, Milky Way Magic Stars and a Capri-Sun costs just £2. 

I think the Movies For Juniors is a great offer and something we'll be taking advantage of a lot in the future, it works out at just £10 for a family of 4 and 2 Munchboxes which is an absolute bargain.

The staff at Cineworld were so helpful and friendly we had a really lovely morning, we were greeted with tea, coffee and pastries for the adults and a Munchbox full of treats for the kids. Riley loved The Muppets Most Wanted and was thrilled with the lovely gift bag he received afterwards. 

The kids weren't the only ones who were treated, all the Mummy's received an amazing goody bag filled with L'Oreal products from the lovely people at Icon Hair & Beauty which we were all very excited about.

After the film we were greeted by the lovely staff from Tamatanga which is an Indian restaurant also in The Cornerhouse, Nottingham where we were treated to a delicious lunch. Me and my husband love curry so we were very excited about this but my son is a very fussy eater and I was a little concerned about what he would eat, I didn't have to worry though because they have a brilliant kids menu with favourites such as chips and chicken goujons so Riley was sorted.

Me and Ian decided on a Thali which is basically a little bit of everything, you get a veg snack, salad, poppadoms and chutney, two veg dishes, daal, rice or naan and a curry of your choice, we chose Butter Chicken and it was absolutely delicious.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at The Cornerhouse and will definitely be taking advantage of the Movies For Juniors offer and also visiting Tamatanga again in the not too distant future.


Friday, 17 October 2014

Our Favourites - October

We've got quite a few favourites this month, we've been trying out some brilliant new items which have been very useful and I'm looking forward to sharing them with you.

My favourite bag at the moment is this gorgeous Bramley Tote from Pink Lining, I love the colour and the bow design, it's such a pretty yet practical bag. It's great for travelling as it holds lots of essential Mummy items and I love it for everyday use too. It has a few zipped pockets to keep phones and purses safe and I like how the handles un-clip easily so that you can hang the bag on your pram or pushchair no matter the handle type.

Inside it has the gorgeous bright pink lining that we're used to with Pink Lining bags and the outside is wipe clean making it really easy to keep it looking good as new. I'm a massive fan of this bag and can't recommend it enough, the quality is fantastic and I know it's a bag I'll use for many years to come.

Our next two favourites are both from Lindam, the Light My Way Night Light is in the shape of a super cute owl and has been really useful in Riley's bedroom at night, he likes to go to sleep with the light on but I don't like him to have it on all night so this is perfect as it automatically switches off after 20 minutes. It's really sturdy and doesn't break easily if dropped and it's easy to switch on if Riley needs to get up for the toilet in the night.

The Funpack Harness has been really handy to use on Summer as she's at that stage where she want's to start walking more instead of using her pushchair but she has a bad habit of just running off and falling over a lot. The harness allows me to let her walk whilst I still have total control over where she's going and means I can stop her falling and hurting herself. It's also really handy for popping her drink in or some small toys.

Now that Riley is at school full time we've started walking the school run as parking is an absolute nightmare and Riley likes to hold onto the pushchair while he walks but as he's still quite small and his arms aren't very long he's too close to the pushchair and is constantly tripping over the wheels. The perfect solution to this problem has been the Diono My Handle which attaches easily to any pushchair and gives children room to move around freely but still be safe. The handle is comfortable for children to hold and you can adjust the length to suit their needs, I've had so many comments from other mums asking where I got this from as it's such a simple yet brilliant idea, they're available to buy from Amazon and Shop Direct.

Something else that we've found incredibly useful this month has been the Bubblebum Inflatable Car Booster Seat, it's portable, lightweight and is suitable for 4-11 year olds, it deflates easily and folds flat so it's easy to carry and perfect for holidays, rental cars, taxis, coach journeys, school trips or car pooling. 

One of my favourite things about it is the fact that it allows 3 children to safely sit in the back seat as sometimes my parents like to take my son and my nephews out and they can never fit them all in the back of the car as their car seats are too big so they end up taking 2 cars, this seat allows them to fit all 3 of them safely and comfortably in the back and makes life much easier.

My favourite drink this month by far has been the Oreo Hot Chocolate made in my Tassimo Vivy machine, if you missed my review of the Vivy you can check it out here. I'm a massive fan of Oreos so I couldn't wait to try this and I wasn't disappointed, it's delicious and perfect to warm me up during these cold, rainy Autumn days. If you love Oreos and hot chocolate then you have to try this drink.

Our final favourite this month is the super yummy Perfect World Ice Cream

The UK’s very first non-dairy and no added sugar ice cream alternative uses a blend of nutritious nuts instead of dairy, providing all the creaminess of ice-cream yet from unsaturated fats. It tastes and feels just as good as real dairy ice cream but with fewer calories and none of the downsides often associated with dairy and added sugar.

Each pot provides a dairy, wheat and gluten-free treat that is a natural source of vitamins and minerals. Perfect World also avoids adding sugar entirely, using a special blend of sweeteners from natural origins, including Stevia.

The range includes four deliciously different flavours; launching with Belgian Chocolate Brownie and Loads of Strawberry, followed by Banana Walnut Chip and Taste of Carrot Cake. These will contain real chunks of gluten and sugar free chocolate brownie, walnuts, sultanas and strawberry as well as real fruit juices and purees. 

We tried the Belgian Chocolate Brownie flavour and it was delicious, well worth trying out if you're looking for a non-dairy ice cream that is low in sugar.


Thursday, 16 October 2014

Guest Bedroom Wishlist

I love home decor and we're thinking about revamping our guest bedroom at the moment so I thought I'd write a wishlist post as it always helps me in my decision making process to see everything put together on a page and also it may hopefully give my readers some inspiration too.

I absolutely love this bed set from Next, it looks so pretty and cosy and it's perfect for this time of the year. The colours are quite neutral and as the room is already painted white it should look lovely with a few grey and red accessories.

The wardrobe and bedside table are from which has lots of beautiful, great quality furniture at really competitive prices. I love the colour of the white oak and the classic yet contemporary look of the furniture, I also like that it comes already assembled so there's no need to spend hours putting it together when it arrives.

The last item is the super cute squirrel lamp which is also from Next, the grey goes perfectly with the bed set and I just think he's adorable.

What do you think to my choices so far? 

Leave me a comment and let me know.


Tuesday, 14 October 2014

How To Make Some Extra Cash In The Run Up To Christmas

At this time of the year we're all wishing we had a little extra cash to buy Christmas presents so I've come up with three great ways to make money and make sure you can buy everything you need to have an amazing Christmas.

My favourite way to make some extra cash is to sell unwanted items on Ebay, I love to have a big clear out before Christmas to get rid of toys that the children have grown out of and also to make room for all of the new toys that they will be receiving. Toys sell really well on Ebay and on Facebook selling sites but the postage can sometimes be expensive and put people off so I like to use courier services like TNT which can work out cheaper and faster than Royal Mail and are more convenient as they pick up the item from you so no annoying trips to the post office.

Why not look for a temporary job over the Christmas period? Many shops employ extra staff to help with the mad Christmas rush and it can be the perfect solution to earn some extra cash so ask around in your local shops to see if they anything available.

And lastly I find that there are a lot of table top sales going on in the lead up to Christmas and an easy way to make some money is to have a bake sale, you don't need to be Mary Berry to make some decent cupcakes, biscuits or mince pies and you'd be surprised how well they sell, I had a go a couple of years ago and made almost £100.


Monday, 13 October 2014

Riley's Favourite Bedtime Story

Riley loves bedtime stories and his favourite changes all the time but the book we've been reading the most this past month has been Spot A Lot Animal Escape from Parragon Books.

The animals have escaped from the zoo and it's your job to help find them, each page contains lots of hidden animals for your little ones to find which is the kind of thing Riley loves, he definitely prefers books where he can get involved.

The book has really large, colourful pages and is beautifully illustrated. Riley loves spotting all of the animals and no matter how many times we read it he doesn't seem to get bored, it's a lovely book.

If your children enjoy books which require them to get involved then this one is perfect and would make a great gift for Christmas.



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