Tuesday, 14 October 2014

How To Make Some Extra Cash In The Run Up To Christmas

At this time of the year we're all wishing we had a little extra cash to buy Christmas presents so I've come up with three great ways to make money and make sure you can buy everything you need to have an amazing Christmas.

My favourite way to make some extra cash is to sell unwanted items on Ebay, I love to have a big clear out before Christmas to get rid of toys that the children have grown out of and also to make room for all of the new toys that they will be receiving. Toys sell really well on Ebay and on Facebook selling sites but the postage can sometimes be expensive and put people off so I like to use courier services like TNT which can work out cheaper and faster than Royal Mail and are more convenient as they pick up the item from you so no annoying trips to the post office.

Why not look for a temporary job over the Christmas period? Many shops employ extra staff to help with the mad Christmas rush and it can be the perfect solution to earn some extra cash so ask around in your local shops to see if they anything available.

And lastly I find that there are a lot of table top sales going on in the lead up to Christmas and an easy way to make some money is to have a bake sale, you don't need to be Mary Berry to make some decent cupcakes, biscuits or mince pies and you'd be surprised how well they sell, I had a go a couple of years ago and made almost £100.


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