Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Huggies Little Swimmers Giveaway!

Make a splash with the Huggies Little Swimmers Swim Kit.

Are you ready to start a habit that will last a lifetime with your little one?

If so we've got just the prize for you. Huggies Little Swimmers is teaming up with Handbags To Change Bags to offer readers a baby swimming kit to make swim time fun and help your little one acquire an important life skill.

The prize includes a years supply* of Huggies Little Swimmers swim pants and a Huggies Little Swimmers Hygiene Mat.

This year Huggies Little Swimmers is encouraging parents and their little ones to get back in the pool more often and make the most of the benefits of baby swimming. Visit for top tips, advice and information.

Teach Your Baby to Swim With the New Campaign From HUGGIES® Little Swimmers®
This month HUGGIES® Little Swimmers® has launched a new campaign to inspire parents to reap the many benefits and go swimming more often. The Start a Habit That Lasts a Lifetime campaign aims to encourage parents to take their little ones swimming from an early age to impart this vital life skill.
Katie says: 'By taking your little one swimming from an early age, it increases their confidence in the water which
means that they are safer.

Water safety is very important and so it is essential that little ones get used to the water and don't have any fear, they don't have any inhibitions when they are young which is why it's best to start as young as possible and not leave it too late.’

Katie Mathews, training and development manager at Swimming Nature :
Why start a habit?
  • When babies are introduced to swimming early, it prepares them to be confident swimmers later in life
  • Removes the fear factor
  • Not all kids get taught at school
  • It’s the one life skill you can be taught before your baby can, walk, talk or even crawl
  • Babies love the water
  • Swimming promotes sleep and can help baby work up an appetite
  • Taking your little one swimming helps strengthen the bond between parent and baby as well as
  • Physically swimming benefits little ones as the lack of gravity helps to improve co-ordination and balance and develops muscle control
  • Introducing babies to their peers and encouraging social interaction

What to pack for a positive and rewarding swim time
      Avoid nappy leaks and accidents with a good swimming pant such as HUGGIES® Little Swimmers® the only swim pant with easy open sides and don’t forget to take your HUGGIES® Little Swimmers® Hygiene Mat.
      Try and feed your little one 1-2 hours before the lesson: if they are fed any sooner a baby is likely to vomit in the water
      Following the lesson, it is quite likely that your baby will be hungry so have some milk/food at the ready

To be in with a chance of winning this fantastic prize simply look on the website to answer the following question.

How many easy steps does it take to get your little one swimming?

A)  10
B)   3
C)   1

To enter fill in the Rafflecopter form below, open to UK residents only.



  1. The answer is b: 3 please can I be considered. Many thanks xxx


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