Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Ideas for an Autumn Newborn Photo Shoot

If you’ve arranged a photo shoot for your newborn baby around this time of year, you’ve no doubt thought about ways in which you can incorporate the beautiful season of their birth into the snaps. Or, if you haven’t booked one yet and are thinking about it, this is definitely a great theme to go with if you do.
We’ve come up with some ideas for your autumn newborn photo shoot to make the photos even more beautiful!
Use autumnal props
Include elements of the season in with your photos, by using seasonal items that are specific to autumn. This can be anything you can think of, from nods to nature; such as leaves, pine cones, conkers and apples; to things you like to do in autumn or places you like to go. Companies like Venture Photography will have a wealth of props up their sleeve so will be able to help you think of new ideas and will have access to lots of different kinds of props.

Opt for a Halloween or Bonfire night theme
Thinking about the events in autumn is a great idea for getting seasonal specific photos, and can give your photos a really sweet element too. Two big events in autumn include Halloween and Bonfire night, which can be incorporated into the photos fairly easily. Whether you opt for props like pumpkins or a backdrop with fireworks on it, using an event is a great way to add a timescale to your photos, so you can remember just how teeny they were at their first Halloween, etc.
Get them all cosy and snug in lovely materials
Wrapping them up in a big cosy blanket will make for some absolutely adorable photos, and will of course keep them happy and snug too! We love the selection of different fabrics on this website, especially the furs, and there are lots of other newborn baby photography props on there that are worth checking out as well.

Use an autumnal colour palette
The colours you opt for will really make the photo have a true autumnal feel, and you’re in luck as the colours of autumn are truly stunning and work surprisingly well with a newborn photography shoot. From greens, oranges, reds and earthy browns to even things like deep purple and blues, make use of the beautiful colour palette of the season and work it against a simple backdrop to make the photos striking yet simple, with baby stealing the show.
Head outdoors (or bring the outdoors in)
If it’s too cold to head outdoors with your little bundle of joy for the shoot, bring it indoors! Use elements of nature and bring them inside for your shoot, or talk to your photographer about effects they can create in terms of weather and other seasonal settings. Chat to your photographer about what you want to achieve from the photos and see if you can work together to make your vision happen!



  1. These are such great ideas! I wish Oscar wasn't so energetic so I could lay him over a pumpkin like that - he'd look so cute!! Hehe

    Louise x

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