Monday, 20 October 2014

Ideas For Summer's Toddler Bedroom

The time is fast approaching that my little baby girl Summer will no longer need her cot and that makes me feel quite sad, especially as we know that we're not having anymore babies. She loves to get in Riley's bed and I know that she would love a proper bed of her own so I've been looking at beds and bedroom furniture for her room so that we can make it a little more grown up for her, here's what I've chosen so far.

I love the fresh clean look of white furniture and it will look gorgeous in her room as it's already painted a very pale pink. I think instead of getting her a toddler bed we're going to go straight for a full sized bed from and then just put a bedside on for a while so she doesn't fall out, this will save us buying another bed at a later date.

I love the bed set from Dunelm as it has lots of super cute dogs on it and Summer is obsessed with dogs at the moment. I also like how the background colour of the bed set is pale blue as it means that her room doesn't end up too pink as sometimes I find it can look too much.

I think the little desk is really cute and perfect for Summer to sit at and colour and the dolls house bookcase is a really lovely idea for keeping her books tidy, the desk and bookcase are both from GLTC.

Although Summer would probably like me to get her a bed immediately I'm going to make her wait a little longer as I'm not quite ready for my baby to grow up just yet, maybe after Christmas I'll have gotten my head around it a bit more or maybe she'll still be in a cot when she's five years old lol.

Did you struggle with your youngest child growing up too fast?


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  1. Gorgeous idea inspirations. I love that dollhouse bookcase, if I ever have a daughter I'm definitely going to invest in one of those :)


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