Friday, 17 October 2014

Our Favourites - October

We've got quite a few favourites this month, we've been trying out some brilliant new items which have been very useful and I'm looking forward to sharing them with you.

My favourite bag at the moment is this gorgeous Bramley Tote from Pink Lining, I love the colour and the bow design, it's such a pretty yet practical bag. It's great for travelling as it holds lots of essential Mummy items and I love it for everyday use too. It has a few zipped pockets to keep phones and purses safe and I like how the handles un-clip easily so that you can hang the bag on your pram or pushchair no matter the handle type.

Inside it has the gorgeous bright pink lining that we're used to with Pink Lining bags and the outside is wipe clean making it really easy to keep it looking good as new. I'm a massive fan of this bag and can't recommend it enough, the quality is fantastic and I know it's a bag I'll use for many years to come.

Our next two favourites are both from Lindam, the Light My Way Night Light is in the shape of a super cute owl and has been really useful in Riley's bedroom at night, he likes to go to sleep with the light on but I don't like him to have it on all night so this is perfect as it automatically switches off after 20 minutes. It's really sturdy and doesn't break easily if dropped and it's easy to switch on if Riley needs to get up for the toilet in the night.

The Funpack Harness has been really handy to use on Summer as she's at that stage where she want's to start walking more instead of using her pushchair but she has a bad habit of just running off and falling over a lot. The harness allows me to let her walk whilst I still have total control over where she's going and means I can stop her falling and hurting herself. It's also really handy for popping her drink in or some small toys.

Now that Riley is at school full time we've started walking the school run as parking is an absolute nightmare and Riley likes to hold onto the pushchair while he walks but as he's still quite small and his arms aren't very long he's too close to the pushchair and is constantly tripping over the wheels. The perfect solution to this problem has been the Diono My Handle which attaches easily to any pushchair and gives children room to move around freely but still be safe. The handle is comfortable for children to hold and you can adjust the length to suit their needs, I've had so many comments from other mums asking where I got this from as it's such a simple yet brilliant idea, they're available to buy from Amazon and Shop Direct.

Something else that we've found incredibly useful this month has been the Bubblebum Inflatable Car Booster Seat, it's portable, lightweight and is suitable for 4-11 year olds, it deflates easily and folds flat so it's easy to carry and perfect for holidays, rental cars, taxis, coach journeys, school trips or car pooling. 

One of my favourite things about it is the fact that it allows 3 children to safely sit in the back seat as sometimes my parents like to take my son and my nephews out and they can never fit them all in the back of the car as their car seats are too big so they end up taking 2 cars, this seat allows them to fit all 3 of them safely and comfortably in the back and makes life much easier.

My favourite drink this month by far has been the Oreo Hot Chocolate made in my Tassimo Vivy machine, if you missed my review of the Vivy you can check it out here. I'm a massive fan of Oreos so I couldn't wait to try this and I wasn't disappointed, it's delicious and perfect to warm me up during these cold, rainy Autumn days. If you love Oreos and hot chocolate then you have to try this drink.

Our final favourite this month is the super yummy Perfect World Ice Cream

The UK’s very first non-dairy and no added sugar ice cream alternative uses a blend of nutritious nuts instead of dairy, providing all the creaminess of ice-cream yet from unsaturated fats. It tastes and feels just as good as real dairy ice cream but with fewer calories and none of the downsides often associated with dairy and added sugar.

Each pot provides a dairy, wheat and gluten-free treat that is a natural source of vitamins and minerals. Perfect World also avoids adding sugar entirely, using a special blend of sweeteners from natural origins, including Stevia.

The range includes four deliciously different flavours; launching with Belgian Chocolate Brownie and Loads of Strawberry, followed by Banana Walnut Chip and Taste of Carrot Cake. These will contain real chunks of gluten and sugar free chocolate brownie, walnuts, sultanas and strawberry as well as real fruit juices and purees. 

We tried the Belgian Chocolate Brownie flavour and it was delicious, well worth trying out if you're looking for a non-dairy ice cream that is low in sugar.



  1. Oo we love this Ice Cream too! x

  2. I`ve been trying to find that ice cream, can't get it in our local store :(

    The products look great! Love Pink Lining! xxx


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