Friday, 14 November 2014

Kids Winter Clothing Haul

I knew the kids needed a few new clothes for Winter and I also wanted to get their Christmas jumpers before they all sold out everywhere so I went shopping last week and picked up some great bits from H&M, Primark and F&F and I thought I'd show you what I got.

Our first stop was H&M where I got these two really cool long sleeved tops for Riley, I love the kids clothes in H&M as they're always really on trend and super affordable, the black top was £2.99 and I think the other top was £3.99. I also got him a new pair of dark skinny jeans as they're perfect for when he needs to look a little smarter, he already had these in a smaller size and has worn them to death so I just bought the next size up. Also they're great because they have an adjustable waist which is essential with Riley's clothes as he has such a small waist.

I also got this adorable 2 pack of Sophia the First tops for Summer from H&M because she is obsessed with her, they have quite a few Disney tops including Frozen and Doc McStuffins.

Next we went to Primark and I got the kids their Christmas jumpers, I thought the Santa stuck down the chimney was perfect for Riley as he thought it was really funny and I couldn't resist the cute reindeer jumper for Summer.

I also got Summer a lovely outfit that she can wear in December during the lead up to Christmas, I love the tartan and the sparkly bow on this jumper dress, she's going to look so cute in it.

I thought these grey cable knit leggings would come in useful for Summer this Winter as grey goes with everything and I fell in love with these gorgeous black patent ballet flats which will look lovely with all of her Christmas outfits.

And last but not least I got these super cute floral wellies from Primark as Summer didn't have any. I didn't really want to pay much for them as I knew she wouldn't be wearing them a lot but they're always useful to have so rather than pay £10 for them in Tesco or Asda I got these for £4.

I also got the kids their Christmas pajamas ready for their Christmas Eve baskets, if you saw my previous Matalan haul then you'll know I got Riley's Christmas pj's from there and I promised to give you a better look at them in this post so here they are.

Summer's Christmas pj's are from F&F at Tesco and I just think they're adorable!

I also picked up some really cute Christmas tops for Summer to wear during December, they came in a 3 pack and I love them all.

So that's everything I got, leave me a comment and let me know what you think.


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  1. Aww these Christmas jumpers are adorable! I was never really a fan of the Christmas jumper but they are bringing out some really lovely designs now.


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