Thursday, 6 November 2014

November Favourites

I know it's only the beginning of November but there are so many new things that we've been loving this month I thought I'd share them with you early because I'm sure I'll have more things to add before the end of November.

Here's what we've been loving this month

  • My favourite skincare range this month has definitely been the Dove Winter Care range especially the hand cream which is perfect for adding moisture to my dry hands during cold Winter months and it also smells gorgeous.
  • I constantly have a runny nose no matter what time of the year it is so I use a lot of tissues and my nose can get quite sore, just lately I've been using the new Kleenex Sensitive tissues and they've been great on my sore, sensitive skin.
  • I recently injured my back, I don't really know how I did it but I woke up one morning and the pain was awful, I do suffer with a bad back at times and I knew it was muscular pain so I've been using Deep Relief Anti Inflammatory Gel and it's really helped. It burns a bit when you first put it on but it helps a lot with the pain and has helped me to function normally until my back was feeling better.
  • With Christmas approaching one of the things I love to make the house feel more festive is to get some Christmas scents, Febreze have just launched their festive scents and they smell so good, I love them all but Festive Spice is my favourite.
  • Something new that I've been loving is the Nair Shower Power Cream it's so quick and easy to use, I just pop in on my legs 2 minutes before my shower, wait about 5 minutes when I'm in the shower and then remove it with the spatula and rinse. It's so convenient and the results last longer than when I shave. 
  • For the kids I've been loving the Childs Farm bath products, especially the bubble bath and hair and body wash. It's safe to use on sensitive and eczema prone skin and smells lovely, Summer has very dry skin and it's helped her skin to feel more moisturised.
  • Riley is still in pull ups at night and I usually use Huggies but lately I've been trying the Co-op My First Pants Junior range and they're great, they're soft and comfortable and Riley really likes them.
  • I'm not much of a meat lover so I often look for vegetarian options for our evening meal, I've been trying out some of the Quorn products and I've been loving them. The Chicken Style Burgers are just like the real thing and really tasty, the BBQ Chicken Fillets are delicious and I love the Cumberland Sausages.
  • Lastly my favourite treat at the moment is without a doubt the Jus Rol Cinnamon Swirls, they're super easy to make and taste amazing! They're in the chilled section in most supermarkets and I can't recommend them enough, they also do Apple Danish which are also very yummy.

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