Thursday, 29 January 2015

Toddler Style - Rainbows

I recently got a gorgeous new outfit for Summer and I thought it would be fun to do a toddler style post as I love reading these type of posts myself. Now that Christmas is over I'm dreaming of lighter Spring clothing in pastels and bright colours so I've started to put together Summer's Spring wardrobe, I have a couple of outfits so far but I thought I'd start with this gorgeous rainbow outfit.

The dress and leggings are from Next which is one of my favourite shops to buy Summer's clothes from, I love the pretty rainbow print on the dress and the leggings match with it perfectly.

The shoes are by Bobux, I love these shoes because they're pretty but really comfortable for her little feet, the leather is so soft and the sole is nice and sturdy yet flexible at the same time and perfect for encouraging correct anatomical foot development which is important at this age. I think navy is such a versatile colour as it's dark enough to hide marks but not as dark as black which can look too harsh and it's a colour that pretty much goes with everything.  

If you liked this post then keep your eyes peeled for the next one coming soon.


Monday, 26 January 2015

Beautiful Children's Bedding By Baroo

I recently got some new bedding for Summer's cot bed from Baroo, it's so adorable and goes beautifully with her bedroom decor, It's super soft and Summer loves it, I'm so pleased with it.

I chose the Tweet Dreams Set as it incorporated all the colours in Summer's bedroom, I love the patchwork print with the mix of pretty floral squares, polka dots and stripes and the little birds here and there.

You can buy Baroo bedding from their website along with lots of other gorgeous items in a range of lovely designs.

You can also find them on Twitter and Facebook.


Thursday, 22 January 2015

Date Night Ideas For Valentine's Day

It's not long until Valentine's Day and couples everywhere are thinking about what they're going to do to make the night really special. To help you out a bit I thought I'd suggest a few ideas for the perfect Valentine's date night.

What could be more romantic than a night at the opera, it's something different that you maybe wouldn't usually do and there are lots of different operas to see. One to try could be ENO's The Mastersingers which is a drama about a 16th-century guild of amateur poets and musicians.

If the opera is not for you then what about a wine tasting date, hey if it's good enough for the cast of TOWIE then it's good enough for you. It gives you a chance to chat and have fun whilst getting a little tipsy, sounds good to me.

Lastly if it's fun you're wanting then what about a date night at the bowling alley, it's relaxed, you can have a drink and some food and just have a laugh. I must admit it's one of my favourite things to do on date night, beats dinner in a fancy restaurant anytime for me.

What are your plans for Valentine's Day?


Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Advantages Of Bingo For Kids

Bingo is admired as the game of luck and chance. Initially it was played to raise funds for a missionary. Bingo is well known for its educational service. Most of the kids find it difficult when it comes to learning, and concentration is what most of the kids lack. Be it science, mathematics or grammar they easily get distracted and loose interest on the topic. Several countries having been working hard and trying to come up with new concepts in the field of education and bingo is one such tool. It not only helps to grab kid’s attention, but also helps them as a learning aid. Bingo is also known for its intelligibility, cost’s less and makes the learning session filled with fun . 

One of the most undoubtedly reasons is that kids learn the basic and principles of numbers. It also helps to improve fundamental operation of mathematics which are basics such as addition, multiplication, subtraction and division.

Parents can make use of bingo cards and customise the way their kids want, and make it into a  picture card. You can use name of vegetables, fruits, animals or birds. The mechanics of the game are simple and easy. Each kid will be given one or more bingo cards with birds picture. The caller will read the name of the bird or imitate its sound, and the children have to match the picture of the bird on their cards to the name or the sound that has been called out. This will boost the child’s interest in learning as well as have fun at the same time. Just don’t stick to match the animal or birds, parents/teachers can too come up with new ideas and implement it. 

Another advantage for kids is that it teaches them to work in a group. So by making use of bingo cards as the part of the group activity in classroom, or something like a project will help them. And children will definitely enjoy it plus the card is inexpensive too.

For kids who are beginning to read and write it will help them to recognize the numbers and words. So to all those who love indulging in the game of bingo can try this out and also play online bingo. It is not just a game for adults but a game which is filled with skills and social aspects. Adults or kids, bingo is a great fun for all. 

Today there are various free online bingo sites check them out, it’s filled with fun indeed!

Friday, 16 January 2015

Weebledown Farm Wobbily Farm Mill & Barn

My kids love Weebles, we have the Peppa Pig Weebles Wind And Wobble Playhouse and the kids have played with that loads in the last few months so when we had the opportunity to try out the new Weebledown Farm range the kids were super excited.

We were sent the Wobbily Farm Mill & Barn which is suitable for 18 months + so it's perfect for my daughter Summer who turns 2 in March. It comes with Rusty The Rooster Weeble but you can also buy other farm animal weebles to add to it like Fluffy The Sheep, Patch The Dog and Buttercup The Cow to name a few.

Summer couldn't wait to get her hands on it and thought it would be fun to play with her Peppa Pig Weeble on it too. 

It has lots of fun features to keep kids entertained for hours, if you put the weeble on top of the windmill and press the button it makes the sails turn and the weeble go sliding down the slide and land on the spinning roundabout. 

You can also put a weeble on top of the barn and spin them around and round the back of the barn is a little straw nest for Rusty to sit.

This has quickly become one of Summer's favourite toys and she plays with it every day, I love to hear her little giggles as the weebles go down the slide.

Riley was also a big fan and they happily sat and played with it for hours when he came home from school.

You can find the Weebledown Farm range online at and prices start at just £4.99.

Do your kids love Weebles?


Wednesday, 14 January 2015

How I Spend My Me Time

Being a working mummy of two I don't get a great deal of me time but when I do there are a few things that I love to do to relax and unwind and also have fun.

If I get chance I like to have a little pamper session, I give myself a mini facial and pop a face mask on, I paint my nails and I put my feet up for a bit. I always feel so much better afterwards and I look better too which is always a bonus.

Every now and again I really enjoy a bit of online bingo, I always set myself a strict budget so I don't spend too much which I think is important. I love the thrill of winning and I've had a couple of good wins over the last few months. It's not something I do everyday but it does help me unwind and it is lots of fun, I like to use Two Big Ladies to find the best bingo sites to go on.

Another thing I love to do to relax is watch trashy television shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Total Divas or basically anything on the E! Entertainment channel. My husband hates them so I have to record them and if I get a free hour here and there I pop one on, sit down with a cup of tea and escape into the crazy world of reality tv.

Lastly if I get a spare moment I love to do some yoga, I find it so relaxing and it really helps with my bad back. It helps me to de-stress and feel centered and focused again so that I can function properly and therefore be more productive in my life rather than getting overwhelmed and achieving very little.

How do you like to spend your me time?


This post is in collaboration with Two Big Ladies.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Eating Healthy In 2015

Along with most of the population I've made a new years resolution to eat more healthy foods, cut out sugar and do more exercise, I did this last year and kept it up for 6 months and I felt great unfortunately I went on holiday and enjoyed myself a little too much and then just couldn't get back into it when I got home so I'm starting fresh this year and hoping I can stick to it this time. 

An essential part of my diet while I'm dieting and exercising is protein and a great source of healthy protein is QuornProtein, accompanied by exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle, can help you to improve muscle mass, which could help you to increase your overall strength. It can reduce the time needed to recover after a tough jog or strenuous workout, and it forms an essential part of the antibodies that keep you feeling healthy. It’s inside your hair and nails too, so eating plenty of high quality protein can leave you looking, and feeling, great.

Some protein sources can come with saturated fat, but not Quorn. Products like Quorn Meat Free MinceQuorn Meat Free Chicken Pieces and Quorn Sausages are a nutritionally healthy protein source*, which can help you maintain normal bones and muscle mass. These products are also a source of fibre and low in saturated fat– ideal for if you lead an active lifestyle.
It’s recommended that we all eat 50g of protein every day. Products like Quorn Mince offer high protein content but with less saturated fat to other similar protein sources. You can mix Quorn products with other healthy protein foods, like kidney beans, to make delicious meals. A serving of Quorn Chilli at 399 calories has more than 20g of protein and just 0.8g of saturated fat.
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